ABC News Presenters and Reporters

What roster? Is there really one… sounds like musical chairs to me.

Haha Tam actually has anchored quite a bit, but not this week. Still a game of musical chairs, though.

VIC just went back to school so maybe she wanted to have the last week of holidays with her kids.

I think she did the most presenting all year over that Christmas/New Years period.

Atleast they have some decent talent to read in Victoria when Tam is MIA.


Evelyn Leckie presented in SA this weekend.


A few changes to the NT bulletin (again!!)

  • Jessica Rendall has presumably moved to Sydney, I’ve seen a few reports from there
  • Eleni Roussos is still listed as a main anchor, but hasn’t presented in ages
  • Kyle Dowling is currently presenting weeknights, with ex-Melbourne cadet Isabella Tolhurst doing weekends.

In the last few years, these have been the main anchors:

  • Jessica Rendall
  • Housnia Shams
  • Melissa Mackay
  • Eleni Roussos
  • Amy Culpitt

This has only been maybe two to three years as well.


Jessica’s moved to Sydney.

Eleni did some filling in over summer on national programs, so may be taking a break.

Laetitia Lemke was also the main third in line presenter, and briefly was listed as Amy Culpitt’s replacement before leaving as well.


Isabel Dayman read SA news tonight.


And Richard Davies presented Monday-Wednesday


Paul Higgins was absent from the Victorian bulletin this week, it was up to Tamara Oudyn or Ishkandar Razak to read the weather.

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Watched the News channel for a while yesterday afternoon and haven’t seen much of Ruby Cornish before but far out she’s very good.

Well presented, speaks clearly, informs and seems to actually know what she’s talking about too rather than just reading it and seems handle the live bulletins and the bits and pieces everywhere quite well for transitioning. Don’t normally make comments about the individual presenters but the couple of times I’ve seen a few minutes of her I’ve been very impressed.


Melissa Mackay on the weather this arvo.


Jessica Harmsen returned earlier this week in SA, however, Richard Davies filled in last night.

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Saturday 17 February -

Amy Culpitt presented NT news.

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Sunday Feb 18th:

Meredith Sheehan presented ABC News QLD tonight from Sydney (News channel studio), citing “technical difficulties” in Brisbane. Jenny Woodward still appeared for the weather at the end of the bulletin, however.


Could be an issue with playing out packages or footage. There have been occasions when NSW got the ACT bulletin, but Sydney would still do weather, possibly as the graphics can be remotely controlled.


Monday 19 February -
Paul Higgins returns to present weather in Victoria after two weeks off.


What the hell is with ABC NT and their revolving door of presenters every 2 weeks?

Amy Culpitt randomly made an appearance after a long absence from the bulletin over the weekend, primary Eleni Roussos is on and off but random fill in presenters appearing out of nowhere.

Do they have a news presenter vending machine in the staff room?

Their lineup has been so unstable for the past 1-2 years, infact not even the person uploading on ABC iView knows who is presenting half the time.


The three listed anchors are Eleni Roussos, Kyle Dowling and Isabella Tolhurst but have no set days.

It’s primarily Eleni weeknights and Isabella weekends though. Kyle just fills in when needed.

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But it’s constantly changing. Whenever I check iView after a couple months there is always a new lineup.


It’s worse then our revolving door here in Vic!