ABC News Presenters and Reporters

So do all News presenters but no one in the industry is away as much as those two.

I think it’s an ABC News Victoria thing. Even when Ian Henderson was presenting he and Tamara seem to be away quite a lot.

Thursday 2 June -
Tamara Oudyn returns to present in Victoria, with Danny Tran presenting weather filling in for Paul Higgins.

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Her children had Covid.

Am aware of that but it seemed to be a thing even before Tamara became weeknight presenter. Doesn’t seem to be as common in other stations as it is at ABC Melbourne.

Just saying :man_shrugging:

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Mary back in Melbourne tonight lol


I’m also pretty sure ABCV encourages presenters to take leave during the year to avoid that 4-5 week absence over the summer when quite a lot of news tends to happen.

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Alan Kohler appeared on The Project last night.


Timing is crucial; we have to finish at exactly 7:29:59. There is no leeway. In the early days we had a one-minute closer. It would start playing at 7:29 and we could finish anytime within that last minute. The director would then dissolve to the closer which had music and featured selections of the best pictures from the bulletin. These days we keep talking until the last second and it can be a challenge.

I do miss the headline recap and long-form closer at the end of the bulletin, but I suppose there’s so much content to cover now that every second counts.


Charlotte Hamlyn returns from maternity leave in WA tonight.

Tuesday 21 June -
Annie Kearney presenting weather in Victoria tonight.

Wednesday 22 June -
Danny Tran presenting in weather in Victoria tonight.


Sunday 26 June -

Mary Gearin is presenting in Victoria.

Tamara presenting on Monday.

Tuesday 28 June -

Ben Knight is presenting in Victoria tonight.