ABC News Content and Appearance


If I’m not mistaken RN Drive is done from Melbourne, so probably done from the ABC News Victoria set?


Yes, Pats is certainly Melbourne based… so her news channel show will come from one of the news studios at Southbank, I’m guessing that’s either the 7pm set or the set used for News Breakfast and The World = are they different sets?




There is only one news studio at Southbank. Similar to Martin Place.


Ok, that’s interesting… so News Breakfast. 7pm and The World all come from the same set… that’s a tribute to the versatility of the set up


They all come from the same studio yes. They just move set elements for different programs and times.

Insiders and offsides also come from there.


Add Insiders and Outsiders to that studio.


How does Outsiders come from the same space when it follows immediately on from Insiders?


Insiders uses the weather wall, offsiders the News backdrop sans desk. Cameras swing around during the closer of Insiders.


That’s impressive for the ABC… perhaps I’m being unfair but I would have thought there’d be all sorts of union and OHS rules and regulations that would make that difficult.


Most TV studios/stations operate this way. The studio is larger enough to operate multiple presentation areas.

HSV7/ATN7Melbourne/Sydney did it with News/TT
TEN10 Late News/Sports Tonight
ATN7 Sunrise/Morning Show/Morning News




Absolutely… but few would disagree that ABC work practices are somewhat more regulated than commercial media and fast turnarounds are not something I would have traditionally associated with Aunty.

The fact that times have obviously changed is welcome news indeed.


Saturday -
Victorian bulletin airing at the special time of 5.30pm with Election coverage starting at 6pm.


Watching the alert ticker for the QLD fire alert makes me think how much nicer the ABC package would look if the light blue was replaced with yellow/gold like the News Channel clock.


One of the best thing about the ABC News presentation is the title animation which shows images of the day’s events as opposed to only the footage with the headline.

Here is tonight’s NSW opener in 50fps HD.


NSW Storms:


(29/11/2018) ABC News NSW is coming from Canberra tonight with Dan Bourchier presenting.


Also shown on ABC News channel for some reason.


Audio was out of sync on the iView live stream, then a story about the Sydney Light Rail cut abruptly to Dan introducing a story about the Queensland bushfires. Did this go out on FTA too, or was it just a lag in my connection?