ABC News Content and Appearance

Did they forget about D-Day?
Is there not a breaking news producer there who things oh maybe we should put this on?

Probably not at this time of the night, especially if it means shafting The World and The Business.

Surely they could.

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Why do the ABC presenters stand at the desk?

Because the desk is designed as a standing desk, not a sitting desk

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So then the follow up question, is why did they design a stand up desk for standing presentation behind the desk?

Why not? Nothing wrong with doing something different, though of course it might not be to everybody’s taste.

Victoria has a lower sitting height desk.

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Carrying on from the ABC Serif prediction, these look new:

Also paired with a rounded appearance:


They’ve been on the website since the 2022 election.

Ah, even the Serif typeface? My bad :saluting_face:

TBH I’m not 100% sure if it is the exact typeface, but they’ve had those boxes for expert analysis since the 2022 election coverage.

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Good for their backs?

Yes, but not good for your back if the standing desk is not adjustable. I agree that the standing desk was introduced into workplaces to assist with potential back problems. However the ABC standing desks appear to not be adjustable. I have noticed that some of the taller women (the newsreaders are mostly female) have been removing their shoes, once they have done the obligatory standing introduction. The shoes are visibly placed to the side of the desk. Clearly these women don’t want to be stooped over, what for them, is a low desk.

Maybe not a major problem for a half-hour bulletin, but for women reading continuous news on the News Channel for three or four hours, it is a real concern. It’s either that or they don’t want the discomfit of standing in high heels for such an extended time!


The News Channel set has stools around the desk. Stools are pretty standard across the industry (ie look at Sunrise and Today) so would seem to be appropriate from a WHS perspective.

They used stools around the NSW desk for Weekend Breakfast while the new News Channel set was being installed - so the option is there if they need it. It didn’t look amazing with 3-4 people around the desk but would look fine with a single presenter behind the central section. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the NSW set is only used for a single one-hour bulletin per day on the News Channel?

If there was a WHS issue it would have been raised and addressed pretty quickly when the new sets were brought in (especially in an organisation like the ABC…). Maybe the Parramatta set will bring in something different if they plan to use it more on the News Channel in the future.


It’s either used for the morning shift (9am-12pm), or it’s used for the afternoon shift with Ros Child between 12pm-4pm. From what I’ve seen it seems to vary between which one uses the NSW set, and which one uses the NC Set.

They actually used big office chairs:

Caps: @Abesty


I was only referring to the News Channel which appears to swap studios (and venues?) depending on the time of day as JPA pointed out. For example, Mornings (9-!2) always seems to have the standing desk, with just the one presenter. And in-studio guests are interviewed standing as well.


ABC News (TV + Radio_ is the number one off-line news source in Australia in this survey.
ABC News is number 2 on-line.

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