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Looks like from Monday week (according to the EPG) that the regular schedule returns and presenters return to full-time:

Joe 9-12
Ros 12-3
Gemma/Kirsten: 3-6
Karina 6-9

Weekends TBC

Stacey Lee is slated to present weekend afternoons this week from Adelaide, with Dan and Craig in Canberra on weekday afternoons.

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Live press conference with the PM announcing the net-zero plan - TOTH rolls around and the news channel cuts away to run their TOTH/presenter changeover spot only to return to the conferencence

Come on ABC News, this is stupid


It’s because it was 12pm and the bulletin starts on ABC TV at that time. I’d say they were introducing main channel viewers to the conference.

I was watching this at work and everyone in the room was confused about why they’d bother. You’d think it would be easier to just cut to Kirsten at the end of the conference, rather than potentially missing something important at the time they cut away at TOTH.

Regarding the main channel, could the TOTH intro not be played only on the main channel and leave News Channel with the PM?

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It’s not just that though - it happens at every change in presenter and is unnecessary, especially when they are taking live coverage


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Jeremy Fernandez presenting the evening shift tonight filling in for Karina Carvalho who is on mornings covering for Joe O’Brien who is on leave at the moment.


Interesting (odd) programming choice today on the news channel. They cut away from the end of Paul Keating’s National Press Club address… to have Stan Grant summarise the session that hadn’t yet finished :man_shrugging:

The Q&A with Paul Keating went for 1 hour and 18 minutes, according to the video uploaded to iView.

Perth weather presenter Tyne Logan presenting Late News bulletins today.


Patricia has been appointed presenter of RN Breakfast, so Afternoon Briefing may need a new host.

UPDATE: Patricia has confirmed on her Twitter that there will be a new host of Afternoon Briefing next year. Who do we think it could be?


That’s a shame she is a very good presenter on AB and holds many to account.

Matt Wordsworth hosted it the other month it was car crash TV.

Maybe David Speers?

Frankly, given the quality of the people who fill in for her ditching it has to be a reasonable option.


Interesting angle on Afternoon Briefing today. Never seen it.


Really not a fan of that Melbourne shot. Its also about 3 years old.


Some interesting presenter changes from next week (December 12) according to the EPG:

  • Michael Tetlow anchoring Sunday evening (12th) from Perth
  • Fauziah Ibrahim (Tue-Thu) and Miriam Corowa (Fri) on weekday afternoons (3pm-6pm)
  • Canberra political reporter Stephanie Dalzell is doing weekend evenings (18th + 19th)

Then Monday 20th the summer shifts of four hours begin:

  • Gemma Veness from 9am-1pm
  • Dan Bourchier in Canberra from 1pm-5pm
  • Kathryn Robinson from 5pm-8.30pm
  • Girish Sawlani in Melbourne from 9pm-1am

Girish is actually really good. Great presenting style.

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Looks like he’s only doing Monday next week at this stage, Bev O’Connor is doing the late shift Tuesday and Wednesday.


Today is the last time Patricia hosting Afternoon Briefing after four years.