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I wonder when Sydney will have a open house. I’d love to go to ABC Ultimo and have a sticky break.


Probably never unfortuantely, given that the ABC had to close off previously publicly accessable parts of Ultimo due to security concerns mid-last year.


And Gold Coast studios are open on Saturday October 27th as part of Gold Coast open house:


Lots of interest in Brisbane today.



In the words of Anthony Albanese of Max Moore Wilton’s resignation from Sydney Airport:


Michael Mason has presided over one mess after another at ABC Local Radio.

His final mess, the 2018 edition has left all metro stations below where they should be performing.

Sydney: down, however with the least damage. Problem masked by end of 2UE.

Perth: no depth of talent for a competent, recognisable person to build on the legacy of Eoin Cameron who amassed an audience not seen since his retirement.

Adelaide: shifting of staff, changing of shift schedule and ‘soft’ content resulting a big drop in audience.

Melbourne: poor staff choices have given the station an albatross of a problem at breakfast that pulls all subsequent shifts down.

Brisbane: shifting of staff, changing of shift schedule and a move to ‘soft’/irrelevant content resulting a big drop in audience. Record low share, surpassing a poor book in the 80’s.

Newcastle and Gold Coast: cuts to resources removing metro like resources and ‘soft’ content have seen both stations suffer. That problem is masked in Newcastle by the lack of quality competition of all four commercial stations.

Regional: most ABC stations are suffering this year due to the shifting of staff, changing of shift schedule and ‘soft’ content. The rubbish at 10am in regional areas is disgraceful.

Any so called budget cuts to local radio that the ABC has documented is not due to government funding, it’s due to the ABC’s reluctance to remove costs in their unproductive management centred on Sydney and Melbourne. Remove that layer and you free up abundant funding for improved local radio resources and that of RN and Classic. ABC don’t want to do get rid of their friends, hence it’s then viewed as front end, political cuts.

Wishing Michael Mason a happy and contented life away from the ABC and radio: permanently.


Don’t forget 666!


I thought Canberra and Hobart were doing quite well.
Not to say that the points raised aren’t valid.


have a look at the crap ABC brisbane is posting to facebook. it’s gone from news to just soft rubbish - a photo taken by bob irwin for example. it’s becoming more and more useless to follow them


Well said Cranky. An excellent review of the mess that’s ABC Local Radio.

Whoever thought Myf Warhurst was a good choice needs to be shown the door. An awful and totally irrelevant show for those stations. And taking away time from locally sourced programming.

There’s another show on Sunday evenings that sounds like it’s made by teenagers on community radio. And it’s national. An embarrassment.

Plenty of other examples!

Let’s hope they get someone who actually understands broadcasting and the audiences for each of their stations and networks.


John of Brighton, now there’s a tailback caller I’ve not heard for a while. Also recall his moronic calls to Doug Aiton and Terry Laidler. Think he’s also popped up on AW from time to time and met with equally short shrift.


“4QR” was at the Caboolture Historical Village for breakfast this morning.


4QR, as it should be.


So… with ABC Classic FM to be re-branded as ABC Classic soon, is this a sign they’re preparing to dump it from FM in the capital cities (except Darwin of course) and swap local radio over to FM from AM?

I’m sure that’s the plan. But not immediately. They will probably want to bed down the new branding before doing anything. Maybe they’re thinking 2020?


Or possibly it’s preparation for a DAB+ future where frequencies and band designations are meaningless?

The removal of band designation could also be an indication that they’re planning to offer more content as podcasts etc and they’re establishing a brand that works well across multiple platforms.

Admittedly we’re a long way from a time when DAB+ is the dominant platform for radio broadcasting but slowly but surely…


Yup & the ABC could be doing more to promote DAB+.

Here’s an example where I make my case.
At around 11.55pm AEST on the Phillip Clarke Nightlife program where the overnight transmitter maintenance outages are provided & alternative frequencies & services are provided as replacements for the outages. Phillip consistently fails to mention (eg in the case of say Melbourne or Sydney AM transmitter outages) the use of the word DAB+ or ‘digital radio’ as alternative mediums to listen to ABC Local Radio. Instead he provides words such as ‘streaming’ or internet or vague term ‘on digital’. I know Tony Delroy frequently mentioned DAB radio when he last hosted the program. That time placement is the perfect time to promote DAB+ or ‘Digital Broadcast Radio’ when local AM/FM transmitters go off air for maintenance in the capital cities. My blame doesn’t rest with Phillip, but more so the ABC promotion people & relevant staff who write his scripts for the program.

Report card: Could do better :wink:


Was also discussed a few days ago :wink:

But I think as others have said it’s probably more to cover the “Classic” brand across different platforms. “FM” branding is largely redundant now.


Perhaps, but it’ll make it much easier if they do decide to ditch Classic on FM. I think that’s just the convenient spin they’ve put on it re the “different platforms”. That’s exactly what the press releases will say if they axe it on FM, they’ll say “it’s still available on other platforms” :slight_smile:


I’m sure that’s the plan too, but possibly earlier in 2019


I agree DAB+ will eventually get there to become the dominant platform along with online. I think ABC Local will move to FM in the capitals though as an interim step while DAB+ and podcasts continue to develop.