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A few years ago during floods 105.7 was used to relay local radio for several days and more recently when the Bald Hills transmitter was threatened with flooding listeners were advised that should 612 go off air Classic FM 106.1 would be used.


Yes, the increased number of ABC signals in modern day have diminished the need for the high power adjacent TX site.


Michelle Guthrie posts should go in the ABC Operations thread: ABC operations


And according to an updated release - Myf Warhurst will also be doing her national program from Brisbane on Wednesday.


More people will walk by the OB than the national audience via radio.

Wrong show, wrong station, wrong management decision.


Also, regular fill ins David Astle and Libby Gorr are already on air this week doing evenings and afternoons respectively.


Peter Bell expected to step down from ABC Perth after taking on a role at Fremantle Football Club.


ABC reports Bell has quit as breakfast co-host at the Perth station effective immediately.


Libby Gorr will host afternoons on ABC Radio in Melbourne this week, from tomorrow (October 1) to Thursday.


For Richelle? She did last week too.
Also, don’t think it’s been mentioned here yet, Francis Leach did drive for most of the week.


Some random Queensland tidbits:

Loretta Ryan has been filling in for Rebecca Levingston on Brisbane Breakfast with Craig Zonca the past week. Ashwin Segkar filled in on the Saturday and Sunday morning shifts this week. And according to the guide - RN’s Cathy Van Extel is filling in on Brisbane Focus next week.

On the Sunshine Coast, Bill McDonald is filling in for Annie Gafney on Mornings next week.

On the Gold Coast, Julie Clift is filling in for Bern Young on Breakfast next week. And also due to the public holiday tomorrow - Cathy Border is doing a statewide Breakfast program.


Loved the interview on ABC Sydney Breakfast with Steve Kilbey on the origins on that great Classic song (and Starfish Album) Milky Way. Who would have thought those bagpipes were played backward & were inspired as a joke. Great radio.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many f__kn expletives deleted on a ABC broadcast/interview ever. I loved the story, cracked me up.
Then some ‘uptight’ listener complaining about the Steve’s potty mouth expletives. Robbie Buck rightly put it that it was the producer that originally made the comments. Steve is much more cultured than that.

Pity Steve’s voice isn’t as silky smooth these days as it was in the 80’s & 90’s.

Anyway if you missed the interview (and love the album/song) you’ll find it here at around the 3h26m mark of the Podcast on ABC breakfast October 3rd.


This week it’s Sami Shah presenting breakfast solo on ABC Melbourne.


And both are more enjoyable to listen to solo.


ABC Adelaide reducing bottom of hour headlines:

@glen2006 may know, I’m sure Brisbane runs bottom of the hour headlines? I often hear the 0930


I believe Brisbane runs headlines with the presenter as normal at bottom of the hour at 7.30, 8.30, 9.30 with the Breakfast/Mornings newsreader - and there is a 1 minute statewide update at 11.30 during Conversations. The afternoon headlines at 4.30pm and 5.30pm are usually done by Matt Wordsworth the 7pm TV newsreader.

It’s different in regional areas of Queensland though and varies according to region. For example, there is 3.30, 4.30 and 5.30pm headlines on the Northern and Southern Drive programs, but only 5.30pm headlines on the Gold Coast.

There hasn’t been headlines during Focus or the Brisbane Afternoons program all year. As the article says - it’s bringing Adelaide into line with the other states now.


Interesting. It obviously does vary a bit by state but in Tas there is a local update during breakfast at 7.30 then during “Statewide Mornings” it’s at 8.30, 9.30, 10.30. Another state update during Conversations at 11.30 and then another update at 12.30 during the Country Hour.


Local news from Launnie are at 6:30 (just before the rural report) and 7:30. I think the other bottom of the hour ones are all the statewide from Hobart ones. Some later on in the afternoon too but I haven’t paid too much attention to all of those.


Scant updates outside of Hobart, I’d have thought the Launnie newsroom would’ve been well resourced and keen to get to air as many bulletins as possible.

The gap at 1030 is quite strange with updates either side at 0930 and 1130.

What have I noticed for a few years is that the producer will read headlines on the Gold Coast. I find this peculiar considering once upon a time, the MEAA would’ve been up in arms about this.

Thanks again @glen2006 and @ando9185 for your contributions.


ABC Open House on Saturday at Southbank Brisbane.