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Yesterday Chris Bath filled in for Richard Glover on Drive, who was doing Thank God It’s Friday from the Sydney Comedy Festival.


Matt Preston will broadcast live from Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market tomorrow morning (May 4).


Similarly, ABC Radio Brisbane is broadcasting from the Planes, Trains and Autos festival in Ipswich tomorrow morning from 8am.

Also to mention, since the end of Daylight Saving, there is a new sports-themed program called Saturday Draft airing 11am Saturday mornings across Queensland.

Sporting tragics Joel Spreadborough and Johnny Manning take you on a journey with firsthand accounts Qld’s most iconic sporting achievements with the people who were on the field, at the crease, in the box, taking the shot or cheering on. The Saturday Draft is your place to reminisce, recount and enjoy the moments that have helped shale our sporting culture and landscape.


And while not on a Saturday, SA Sunday Mornings with Spence Denny will also be broadcasting from the Adelaide Hills Autumn Garden Affair.


Sounds like ABC Radio Sydney will be moving to Paramatta from Monday (or at least the Mornings program) judging by Sarah Macdonald’s comments at the start of the mornings program on Friday.


Just heard a promo that you can now play the ABC’s AFL match broadcasts through your smart speakers.


Appears it’s essentially getting smart speakers to play the existing ABC Sport AFL Stream (also known as the AFL button on the Listen app).


ABC Parramatta Officially Opens


ABC Radio Parramatta studio pics via Brian King of the I Take Pictures of Radio Studios Facebook group.

Looks like they’ve gone Axia Quasar consoles.


I’ve been working as a contract installer for the ABC Parramatta radio studios, so I probably can’t post much here. But I can post some links to coverage of today’s opening.

Once the ground floor studios open, you’ll be able to peer in through the windows and have a look for yourselves.


ABC Radio Brisbane planning a radio special on the Tuesday Drive show (similar to what Melbourne recently did) discussing Violence Against Women. Ellen Fanning (who is filling in) will present it.



Great work!

Now wouldn’t it be great if this could mean the ABC getting it’s own Western Sydney Local Radio station.

They should kick CADA off 96.1 (they don’t really serve their own market anyway, they can be DAB only), make that ABC Western Sydney and they should have their own local programs whenever ABC 702 is broadcasting local (ie not statewide) programs.


Won’t happen of course.


We can only hope

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Geelong deserves its own station before Parramatta/West Syd (but ultimately both should have their own station before end of 2050).


Yes, at least the ACMA did propose a Geelong ABC Local Radio frequency, but nothing has happened since (other than the occasional ABC Melbourne radio broadcast from there).


Yeah, this would make sense, and somewhat solves the issues the ABC has with finding FM frequencies for Local Radio - you can use the allocations that are possible for the infill community stations, but can’t be high power metro wide.

As much as I think Geelong is poorly served, the idea that you get local programming because you’re arbitrarily a separate city rather than a ‘suburb’ is strange, but the fix is more local radio not less. Someone in Penrith has a similarly loose connection to ‘Sydney’ than someone in Gosford does.

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ABC Radio Adelaide also had a special panel today on Drive with Jo Laverty.

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Paul Cook takes Breakfast reins at ABC Great Southern


ABC Great Southern is thrilled to announce Paul Cook has taken the reins of the Breakfast program in Albany.

The popular Saturday Breakfast presenter has been on-air at the ABC for more than two years and has now moved into the weekday Breakfast program.

“I love this region and the ABC audience loves it too. I can’t wait to continue sharing the stories of this amazing region we call home,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to connecting with the locals, keeping them company each morning with stories that matter and interviewing the quirky characters.”

Paul has worked in radio for more than three decades across Australia.

He’s looking forward continuing to grow his loyal audience with his passion, music and news – but also to enjoy everything the Great Southern has to offer from Albany to Narrogin and everywhere in between.

“I started my radio journey in the Wheatbelt in 1987. I’m excited to have become part of the ABC in a patch my family and I love to live,” he said.

“The Great Southern audience is parochial and always happy to have a say – which I love!

ABC Great Southern Editor John Dobson said:

“Paul loves the Great Southern patch and its people. He is a talented broadcaster and just great company in the mornings,” he said.

Listeners can tune into Paul each morning from 6.30am to 8am via the ABC Listen App or Albany 630am and Wagin 558AM.


Unusual to see a start time being the same as the frequency!