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So why would there be

? They are taking sport on analogue…

I think that is what they are referring to. They might be taking sport off analog radio if it’s on News Radio, which does happen (AFL games are on ABC Newsradio here in Sydney).

On DAB it’s a non-issue - sport is usually on the ABC Sport station, and other program airs on the local station.


Budget 2023

The Federal Budget of 2023 will be unveiled on Tuesday, 9th May, with Treasurer Jim Chalmers set to deliver his second budget amid inflation and rising cost-of-living concerns affecting households and businesses across Australia.

For radio listeners, ABC Radio will offer a special extended edition of PM from 6:30pm AEST, led by David Lipson and a team of experts who will examine the budget’s implications for Australian families.

ABC Local Radio and News Radio will broadcast Jim Chalmer’s Budget speech on Tuesday, while News Radio will also broadcast Opposition Leader Peter Dutton’s Budget Reply speech on Thursday, 11th May, at 7.30pm AEST.

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Sarah MacDonald returned to presenting Mornings on ABC Sydney today, however is broadcasting from her home.

Last weekend despite Tim Webster saying he would be filling in for Rod Quinn on Overnights, Tim Brunero covered Saturday and Ross Solly covered Sunday. Although Tim did have some pre-recorded items which aired on Sunday.

Ross also presented the first half of the Sydney Saturday Breakfast program, ahead of Simon Marnie who was broadcasting live from a festival.

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James Valentine is also back.

I reckon that Chris Taylor was a great fill in presenter, and I hope he fills in for James again. James is great but it feels like Chris brings in an upper class feel even though he isn’t perfect (I noticed on the 6am hours he would do this intro and then bring the music back up to fill until Vic/Mardi was ready for the traffic, after one time he went too early to the traffic).


Sad for everyone in Sydney. Replace him with Chris Taylor full time.

Tim was apparently in a car crash late last week (Thursday I think), he’s ok but was resting at home so that’s why his stint filling in came to an end. They’re really struggling with injuries up there!


Great to see some longevity at ABC Brisbane!


I hope it isn’t the case, but this looks like it’ll be a death spiral for public radio in Australia.

Ratings are down, so the ABC’ll spread less of their meagre budget to radio. A cheaper product will attract even fewer listeners. Rinse and repeat.

I don’t think it will be that extreme but it seems inevitable that some major structural changes are going to have to be made.

I am not sure you can look at Local radio in isolation, I think the ABC needs to look at its whole radio offering…


Far from a surprise for anyone actually in the industry: the perception of being “woke” is the least of Local Radio’s problems.

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Heard Helen Tzarimas doing the morning news shift on ABC Sydney on Friday. First time I’ve heard her do the news in quite a while. She used to do afternoons.


Thought she was a manager.

Is there any way members of the public can make a submission to the inquiry into ABC radio?

what’s the inquiry?

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I wondered how her surname was spelt! Now I know!


Looks like she just went to national news:

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I’ve heard her a fair bit over the last few months presenting the TOTH national news bulletins on News Radio

Tim Webster back filling in on Overnights this weekend.

He discussed his recent car accident which occurred while driving home from filling in previously on the Overnights shift. He believes he had a microsleep while driving, and then hit a power pole. Luckily he wasn’t badly injured, but he was in hospital for a short period with suspected concussion.