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Fair enough, but it’s rarely ever fair to judge a show of this genre by its first night.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart took years to develop its award-winning style. Trevor Noah has taken a while to get into the groove. When Stephen Colbert went to CBS it took him a year to find his bearings on The Late Show. Here in Australia, Mad As Hell had more misses than hits for the better part of two seasons before finally beginning to become more reliably funny (although some episodes still fall flat).

I’ll reserve judgement for Ballard’s show for another six months at least.


Well it will be interesting to see whether it attracts enough viewers to justify keeping it on air that long.


I thought the ABC didn’t care about ratings? :wink:

Even if the ratings are low, I would much rather the money go toward first-run Australian content and Australian jobs than more repeats of comedies from the last decade or American sitcoms. I’m hoping it runs for a couple of years even if it is a dud, so we can at least say we gave a localised nightly Daily Show clone a fair go.


Really? :expressionless:


What’s wrong with that? You’re parochial about Australian culture and would rather people stop adopting Americanisms, so I would’ve thought you’d prefer Australians watch an Australian adoption of a popular format rather than the American original (which a lot of Australians do).

You have very contradictory beliefs.


It’s just that being a clone of another show is not much to aspire to.


Well let me know when Australia starts innovating in any other genre of television. Last I saw every popular local reality and drama format was copied, inspired or cloned from a production in another country.

You have to take what you can get with localisation. Australian television isn’t a powerhouse in production, innovation and creating new genres of television from scratch so I guess you’ll be forevermore disappointed with any new local adoption ever being either European or American.


Don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’m fine with anyone doing Australian versions of overseas shows. It’s better than just showing overseas content. As long as it’s done well.

You must have missed Have You Been Paying Attention?


Which is a take-off of British news panel shows. There are no original ideas anymore.


Ill Behaviour


From Monday 8 January at 9:30pm


From the Bafta-winning co-creator of Peep Show, a dementedly dark comedy thriller about the limits and lunacies of friendship. Joel (Chris Geere) is recently divorced. He should be devastated – only Joel’s wife was very rich. Joel now has a lot of time and an awful lot of money on his hands. Joel moves in with his best mate Charlie (Tom Riley). Keen to get Joel back on track, Charlie sets up Joel on a date with Nadia (Lizzy Caplan), a doctor who also happens to be a raging alcoholic. Joel is smitten. Nadia is horny. The two hookup. Bad news hits Charlie, Joel and their mutual pal Tess (a sci-fi geek and secret novelist). Charlie has cancer.

He wants to treat the cancer (curable if caught in time) naturally but Joel is convinced that Charlie’s ‘holistic’ approach is suicide, and is determined to save the day. But Charlie doesn’t want saving. There’s only one thing for it: kidnapping. With Tess (Jessica Regan) and Nadia’s help, Joel bundles off Charlie to a secret country house. The gang begin a decidedly unconventional course of chemotherapy, with the patient handcuffed to a chair. This can only end badly. But at least Charlie might be alive at the end of it.

Tempers flare, temperatures rise, copious amounts of alcohol are consumed and cross-bows are brandished. Mates turn into enemies, enemies turn into lovers and life-long friendships bend, stretch – and shatter.

Production Details Writer: Sam Bain (Peep Show), Director: Steve Bendelack (Friday Night Dinner), Producer: Gill Isles (Peter Kay’s Car Share), Executive Producer: Iain Morris (The Inbetweeners). Ill Behaviour is a Fudge Park production for BBC


The second night was better than the first. hopefully tonight that trend continues.

I personally love it when they lose their shit laughing and try to keep their composure, there were some real wtf moments (like rolling down parliament hill) but has some good shit (the traidie in the same segment charging less for cash in hand). Hopefully it can morph into a less shit version instead of a shit version (like The Weekly) of MAH.


Shame they saw fit to axe The Roast a few years ago. That was consistently laugh-out-loud funny.

Tonightly has been pretty average so far. Some more prerecorded skits might help break up Tom’s lengthy pieces to camera.


ABC Comedy Summer premiere dates


A Very Sexy Christmas with Stephen Oliver Encore

Tuesday 12 December at 8.30pm on ABC Indigenous Facebook Live Encores: Sunday 24 December at 9.20pm on ABC COMEDY

Whovians Christmas Special

Tuesday 26 December at 8.30pm

Red Dwarf Season 12 Premiere

Tuesday 26 December at 9.15pm

Asian Provocateur Premiere

Wednesday 27 December at 9:30pm

Episodes Season 5 (final season) Premiere

Friday 5 January at 9.50pm

Ill Behaviour Season 1 Premiere

Monday 8 January at 9:30pm

Red Dwarf New Series

Thursday 26 January at 9.40pm

The Best of Fresh Blood Premiere

Thursday 18 January at 9.30pm



Guess How Much I Love You:
Christmas to the Moon and Back Premiere Sunday 17 December at 5.35pm

Sesame Street Christmas Premiere
Friday 22 December at 9.30am

Peppa Pig Christmas Premiere
Monday 18 December at 5.40pm


I recorded all the episodes that screened on ABC2 last year and it seemed to end at Season 3. Has Episodes Season 4 screened on ABC2 since then?


Based on the episode descriptions given, starts tonight!


Thanks for that. Would’ve missed it otherwise. I’m quite sure that’s the first time this has screened on ABC.


Seasons 1 -4 on Stan in HD been available for about a year and a half I think. Pretty sure Episodes Season 4 began on free to air when Abc comedy did ?


Thanks. I knew that but I don’t have Stan. Episodes Season 4 started on ABC2Comedy on Friday night and repeated on Saturday night. This is the first time this has been screened on FTA.


Early days but…


Week commencing 24 December


Sunday 24 December

8:30pm Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Comedy Roadshow
9:25pm TBA
9:55pm Melbourne Comedy Festival: The Gala
11:55pm Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled

Monday 25 December

7:30pm A Very Specky Christmas
8:30pm Upper Middle Bogan: Don’t Over Think It
9:00pm Upper Middle Bogan: Nationals
9:30pm GameFace
9:55pm Inside Amy Schumer: Welcome To The Gun Show
10:15pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks: Nick Grimshaw
10:45pm The Office: Christmas Party
11:05pm 30 Rock: The Source Awards
11:30pm Parks and Recreation: Hunting Trip
11:50pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks: Nick Grimshaw

Tuesday 26 December

7:30pm A Very Specky Christmas
8:30pm TBA
9:15pm Red Dwarf New Series
9:45pm Wasted
10:15pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks: Lee Mack
10:45pm The Office: Booze Cruise
11:05pm 30 Rock: The Fighting Irish
11:25pm Parks and Recreation: Tom’s Divorce
11:50pm TBA

Wednesday 27 December

8:00pm Stop Laughing… this is serious: She Goes… She Goes… She Just Goes
9:00pm Walliams And Friend
9:40pm Asian Provocateur: Uncle Thiru Series Premiere
10:10pm The Trip: The Inn At Whitewell
10:40pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks: Ne-Yo
11:10pm The Office: The Injury
11:30pm 30 Rock: Fireworks
11:50pm Parks and Recreation: Christmas Scandal

Thursday 28 December

8:00pm The Ex-PM: Money
8:25pm The Ex-PM: Power
8:50pm TBA
9:00pm Walliams And Friend: Hugh Bonneville
9:40pm The IT Crowd
10:05pm Murder In Successville: Mayor the Force Be With You
10:35pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks: Richard Ayoade
11:05pm The Office: The Secret
11:25pm 30 Rock: Corporate Crush
11:45pm Parks and Recreation: The Set Up

Friday 29 December

8:00pm Hard Quiz
8:30pm Gruen XL
9:15pm Walliams And Friend: Jack Whitehall
9:45pm Episodes
10:15pm Episodes
10:45pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks: Richard Madeley
11:15pm The Office: The Carpet
11:35pm 30 Rock: Cleveland
11:55pm Parks and Recreation: Leslie’s House

Saturday 30 December

8:00pm TBA
8:30pm Live At The Apollo: Sean Lock & Jason Manford
9:15pm Comedy Next Gen: Nick Cody
10:15pm GameFace
10:40pm Inside Amy Schumer: Welcome To The Gun Show
11:05pm Asian Provocateur: Uncle Thiru
11:35pm The Trip: The Inn At Whitewell