ABC Branding Refresh (2022 and 2024)

(2022) branding refresh

ABC Australia

Australia’s Network
The ABC has been the home to many aussie loved programs throughout the years, but the brand currently is currently confusing and is not in line with each other, this is designed to unify their brand look and feature unqiue elements to their brand new rebranded channels:
ABC Plus > ABCTwo

Mockup Designs

Other Logos:

PS: Sorry about the low quality uploads; Photoshop kept outputting it at a non HD resolution.

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Pretty good, however the graphics are a bit too far to the sides. I also think getting rid of the lissajous logo on the main channel is a bad idea.


Nice work!
I would probably drop the outline around the talent. Especially for the main channel. For the Kids one it would be OK but it kinda makes it too “funky” and “fun” when ABC also is a mix

I’d also drop the bevel/emboss on the abc youth logo. It looks odd


Ill be finishing the logos tonight so ill modify the graphics and keep you updated

Absolutely right

Ill fix it tonight

Ill do idents, vcs a mock studio, website design, promotions and mock news graphics because why not

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I’ve adjusted the idents and banners based on your feedback @MBB @TBoy!
Let me know your thoughts. :+1:

To me, it seems a bit inconsistent. either has the Lissajous logo on everything including the ABC Australias network I would either get rid of the Lissajous logo altogether or change or leave out the ABC Australias network. but that’s just me and my opinion

Hey Jason!
Thanks for replying, your opinion is greatly valued. :slight_smile:
And I agree with your opinion.

The only reason why I kept it in without the Lissajous Logo was because the ABC Australia logo seen below, is supposed to act as the “main” branding identity with the rest of the channel logos foregoing the Lissajous logo. I thought about doing the non Lissajous logo for the Youth channels, etc but I decided it would look better if those logos had the original Lissajous logo.

PS: The non Lissajous logo would be used for the OOH advertisements, and would also be used in official company responses such as letter heads, footers etc.

Sorry for the long response!

in other words how WIN TV is the main carrier of 9 in regional Australia???

No no no, everything is under the main ABC brand.
It would be known in the media with the non Lissajous logo (Australia’s Network) one.
All channel advertisments would be with the Lissajous logos
I know it’s confusing, I’ll try and simplify the branding look like you suggested.

New logos to replace the Lissajous ones, I’ll revise the promos shortly with these ones.


just realised how tacky the iview logo looks now, but I’ll post it anyway.

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The Ident what it would look like on TV:

The concept behind your original ABC two and ABC youth logos was nice (the ABC youth ident felt very early 00s!), but the new versions without the Lissajous curve just look like generic fonts smashed together.

The Lissajous curve has been a staple of the ABC brand for over 50 years, it’s arguably the most recognisable Australian-made logo (without the brand name written). The Lissajous curve is the ABC’s master brand, simply writing “ABC” in letters doesn’t have any true meaning.

It would be like getting rid of McDonald’s golden arches and only using the wordmark “McDonald’s”. Sure, it tell you what the brand is, but it doesn’t mean anything…


I ageee with your statement, but someday they would surely have to move away from it

Like the BBC with their blocks

When you’ve had a unique and instantly-recognisable logo for over 50 years you don’t simply “move away from it”…

Shell petrol have used versions of their logo for over 100 years, should they “move away from it” just because?

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absolutely agree