A-League Rights 2021/22 - 2025/26

Looks like an announcement is imminent - football writer Ray Gatt has posted on twitter:


Weird that 10 is not able to bid for AFL or NRL, from what I assume its till the end of 2025 or 2026 season.

@bacco007 why 2022 and not this year?


I assume the new A-League rights start at the 2021-22 season?

The next AFL broadcast rights will be for 2025 onwards. Negotiations should begin in earnest in 2023.
Not sure when the new NRL rights will start.

Am I the only one excited for the soccer ball 10 idents? :raised_hand:


Channel 10 always had great production and commentary when they did the AFL and the Big Bash


If this is true, good to see 10 back into more live sport and that they’ve picked up all rights including streaming for PP.

Will be interesting to see how they handle this, eg FTA & SVOD differences, staffing up and recruiting comm teams etc.


There’s a reason football hasn’t been popular with commercial networks much before.

Unlike AFL, NRL, cricket and Union, you can’t stuff the broadcast with ads after tries/goals/overs/wickets etc (you could put an ad after a goal in football but there might not be one for 90 minutes).

Easier now to recoup your money via subscriptions and the like but still tricky.


They should go after all soccer including overseas leagues and Australian matches. Truly become home of the worlds biggest game in Australia.

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Just buy out Optus Sport and merge their content with Paramount+, give Optus subscribers free or discounted access to P+. A-League, UEFA and EPL, big tick.

Then buyout Riverstone’s premier provider of Serbian rugby league, Sports Flick and go from there. :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems like from recent reporting that soccer rights are about to become really fragmented with 10/Paramount+ reportedly getting the A/W-League, Stan Sport in negotiations with UEFA about the Champions/Europa League and Seven being interested in the Socceroos/Matildas rights as well as the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

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I’d like to see whether Nine are interested in finding out who leaked their bid amount, whether Ten bid unders before it and then increased the offer after.

That would be an interesting discussion!


holly crap no more a league football games on Foxtel for 5 buddy years holly hell this will make mum and i disappointed rip fox sports a league 2005-2021

Would this be the most games on FTA per week in A League history?

Don’t like the ban that the A League has given 10 on getting NRL and AFL broadcast rights. If this is a success I am sure 10 would look at NRL and AFL

Why? I have Kayo and if enough sports went elsewhere I’d follow. This could well be the start of it.

Isn’t that a restraint of trade? Mind you, I’d doubt VIAC would want to go for any other sport if they’re looking for a low-cost operating model. Football would fit that nicely.

Ban on bidding for AFL/NRL rights? That sounds ridiculous.
If it is the case, assuming it’s full steam ahead moving the A league season to winter.

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Which is a dumb idea, given AFL and NRL will swamp them. The NPL mafia are idiots.

also, 10 needs to poach Lucy Zelic. SBS is going down the tubes, she needs to jump before she’s pushed.


Speaking of presenters, is there even anymore sports presenters on Ten’s books?

It will be if 10/10 Bold are showing 2 games per week

I doubt that ban clause bit is actually true for the fact that it’s highly doubtful a network would agree to have one sports league try to control what they can/can’t do with other sports rights. For example, the NRL reportedly tried to insert a ‘most-favoured’ clause in their rights agreement extension with Foxtel last year but that was rejected.

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So do we reckon it will be:

Every A-League/W-League game live on Paramount+
Saturday Night A-League on 10
Friday Night A-League on 10Bold
Hersday night W-League on 10Bold
One Elimination Final Live on 10
One Semi Final Live on 10
Grand Final Live on 10

What about FFA Cup?

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