A Current Affair

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Just ACA at this stage.


No thanks. She doesn’t need to go from a toxic newsroom to an even more toxic newsroom.

Plus Seven is still in cost-cutting mode so I don’t think they would want anymore new talent.


I don’t think any other network will touch anyone who was dumped from Today, for quite a while.




In that article it does say ‘We’ll have more to announce soon’.


Do you believe they actually will?


In this case because it’s not from one of the rag magazines, l think its true wouldn’t be surprised we will see her doing some reporting for 60 Minutes this year.


If Seven News Sydney and for that matter, 10 News First want people currently associated with Nine News Sydney, they should go after rising stars such as Jayne Azzopardi, Kelly Fedor, Chris O’Keefe, Sophie Walsh & Tiffiny Genders. These people are the future of Sydney TV news, not Sylvia Jefferies, Natalia Cooper (both of whom were TCN’s rising stars about 5 years ago, but joining Today changed all that of course) or the Stefanovic brothers.

Yep, I agree.


With Leila McKinnon residing in Byron Bay, I imagine Sylvia will become Grimshaw’s replacement on those occasions when Leila isn’t able to make the trek from Byron.


I thought she had great potential. Watched her as Perth’s weather presenter for years and always thought she did very well.


Both have been around for years, so they would probably be flattered to be called “rising stars”.


Better than “falling stars”. :wink:


I know the reporters I’ve mentioned are hardly newcomers to Nine, but the term “rising star” was used because they’re potentially destined for bigger & better things on Australian TV in the future.

Think of it in the same way that Ken Sutcliffe was considered to be a “rising star” after he succeeded Mike Gibson and shot to national prominence on Graham Kennedy’s News Show/Coast To Coast in the Late '80s, even though Ken had been at Nine for some time before then. Or more recently, when Sarah Harris was slowly building her profile at Nine (probably in a not dissimilar position to the one Jayne Azzopardi is in now) but has become even bigger on Studio 10! :slight_smile:


Leila McKinnon is hosting while Tracy is on assignment.