A Current Affair

This show real confuses me. Last night, one minute they were doing a story about an old man who wouldn’t pay he rent then the next they did a live cross to Alexis Daish about the Wangaratta murder. Is A Current Affair a serious or tabloid show?

Can and should we expect a relaunch this year for ACA? Today is getting one, and since ACA uses the same set… maybe. Plus, ACA is due for a new look if the past is anything to go by.

Do you even have to ask? It stopped being serious more than ten years ago. If anything, I think it’s a parody of a current affairs show now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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The show does have live crosses to Nine News reporters on major stories of the day occasionally.

Ocassionally. 7.30 is an actual current affairs show - ACA is basically a parody.


Agreed @pelican :+1:

Yeah. Go back and watch Frontline and then watch an episode of ACA today. Spot the difference. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Realistically, I think that ACA stopped being a serious current affairs program when Today Tonight East Coast (I’m so glad that show isn’t on the air anymore!) started to become popular during the Naomi Robson era of the Early-Mid 2000s.

As far as the ACA of today is concerned…very occasionally you’ll get the odd report on ACA which resembles actual current affairs (mainly the interviews by Tracy Grimshaw) but most of the reports are pure trash.

To say the least, I think it’s quite disturbing how this show is still a top rater despite many years of criticism from the likes of Media Watch and The Chaser let alone the absolute brilliance that were the Gogglebox reviews of ACA late last year.

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no, The Daily Show is a parody of a current affairs show, ACA is just a different style of show.
Just like The Block is a different style of show to Grand Designs.

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Last time I checked, stories like “shonky Lebanese Muslim construction workers ripping off fat kids with illegal botox” or "you’ll save $$$ by shopping at " is not current affairs.


These “current affairs” shows have always been like this. Years ago they included reporters like Norman Gunston and regular spots with Paul Hogan, the Rubbery Figures, Hinch’s “shame, shame, shame” and Mike Munro kicking down doors.


Back in the old days, didn’t the “current affairs” programs like ACA used to have things like regular interviews with politicians and Q&A-style studio forums about current news topics? If so, when was the last time you saw that type of content on commercial TV?

Of course, I’m sure that ACA (and similar programs) has always had it’s fair share of sensationalism but these days it’s worse than ever as far as I can tell.


That’s what we’re saying.

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Peter Stefanovic filled in on A Current Affair tonight.

On Monday, Tracy Grimshaw will return for 2016.

[quote=“MarkHD, post:77, topic:101”]
Be watching Nine at 7pm too for Tracy’s return… likely changes there too from what I’ve heard.
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Any change tonight?

Nope, nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about the presentation of A Current Affair tonight.

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Are the graphics the same?

No, although you’d expect that when ACA had a refresh (of sorts) last year.

I’ll try and get some caps up ASAP, but firstly I will say that it does look better on screen than the Instagram photo of it I saw a few days ago…

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Another simple, yet effective set from Nine. Bring on Today and Today Extra next week!