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“Yes, on the day that the first Current Affair segment went to air, an Australian man fell off a cruise ship owned by Carnival… But watching Nine, you wouldn’t have known because none of their TV news bulletins thought it worth reporting.” 12 minute report on ACA plus news on Carnival cruise ship.

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The Lifeline and Beyond Blue mentions on the bottom of each article about the missing person gives a good hint as to why it wasn’t covered.


Nine’s Director of News and Current Affairs, Fiona Dear, has announced the appointment of Amy McCarthy as the new Executive Producer of A Current Affair.

McCarthy steps into her new role with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of excellence. For the past decade, she has been the Executive Producer of Daytime News in the Sydney newsroom, where she has been an instrumental figure in covering some of the most significant news events both locally and globally.

From leading the 9News live coverage of the Black Summer bushfires, the NSW floods, and the US election between Trump and Biden, to steering the reporting on international incidents like the Christchurch earthquake and shootings, the Paris and London Bridge terror attacks, and the King’s Coronation, McCarthy has demonstrated an exceptional ability to manage high-pressure situations with grace and effectiveness. Her work also includes extensive coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic and the live broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing.

Fiona Dear, Nine’s Director of News and Current Affairs, said:
“A Current Affair has never been stronger, and Amy’s appointment comes at an exciting time as we aim to grow our audience by embracing new ideas and innovative approaches. Amy is a natural leader known for her creativity, mentorship, and collaborative spirit. She has a unique talent for storytelling and an unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity.

“Amy’s leadership style is defined by her ability to bring out the best in her team, her willingness to seek assistance when needed, and her dedication to mentoring junior staff while collaborating with senior colleagues. Her vision aligns perfectly with A Current Affair’s goals of not only maintaining its strong identity and loyal viewership but also expanding its reach and transforming into a dynamic, multiplatform program.

“I am thrilled to welcome Amy to the News and Current Affairs leadership group and look forward to seeing the innovative contributions she will bring to A Current Affair.”

Amy McCarthy, Executive Producer of A Current Affair, said:
“I am so proud to be part of the ACA team. As a journalist, this show is as good as it gets - the incredible team find and tell stories that speak for Australia and hit the heart. It’s a big next step for me but I’m so ready for the challenge.”


Autocue issues tonight? Deb reading off a paper script at the open of the show.



I really hate that desk. I know it was swapped over to this one from the bigger one due to staging requirements for Today, but this desk doesn’t even have any branding on it.

Here’s hoping with the new EP the show gets a refresh. The sea of red and orange has aged badly.


Thinking that desk is bigger but it’s small in real life.

It’s not even the size, it’s just ugly and looks cheap.


They really made this desk look nasty with those LEDs on the front of it. Looked much better in its TCN iteration with the screen on the front.


Agreed. It was moved over to North Sydney as the ACA desk in the broom cupboard set.

The second desk once they moved out of this space, although clunky with the word ACA on it would look quite good.

I wouldn’t be apposed from the program being presented standing like this normally or as another presentation area for the show, maybe put the other vertical screen in there.


From today’s Olympic info release.

A Current Affair Olympic Special
Monday, July 22 to Friday, July 26 7.00pm AEST
From Paris in the week leading up to the Opening Ceremony

Then on hiatus during the games.


Tonight’s show opened to a blank screen with Nine logo after Nine News ended followed by a series of ads.

Ally Langdon then opened the show and apologised for the gremlins.


Leila presenting tonight.


They made fun of this story on Today this morning. “Leave Ally alone!”.

A woman accused Qantas of giving A Current Affair host Allison Langdon special treatment on a flight from Sydney to Fiji over the weekend in a wild TikTok spray - but the airline insists she got no such thing.

Aussie mum Courtney, who was on the same flight as the Channel Nine presenter, claimed passengers in economy had asked staff for wine during the flight but were told the beverage wasn’t on offer.

But Courtney’s account of what happened on the flight was quickly debunked.

In photos obtained by Daily Mail Australia, Langdon was pictured with her husband Michael Willesee Jr. and their children at the Qantas business class check-in before flying out for the school holidays.


ACA Paris Edition specials start Monday 22 July including one hour editions on Monday and Tuesday.


‘ACA’ doing the same thing as ‘Today’ & ‘9NEWS’.
Also I’ve noticed both ‘Today’ and ‘ACA’ using their flat logos.




I get why they did it but the A not being the same thickness as current, the wrong shade and colour of the box irks me.

Just also noticed the current affair box is the centred element of this logo, I can’t unsee it.

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