A Current Affair

Poor Deb. Surely it could just be pre-recorded during the week.

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Poor Deb. She has a high paying television job.


What are you basing that on?

Tonight Deb presented as usual - but according to her instagram posts is simultaneously at a Pink concert…

Makes very little sense for them to do it live (ie bumping the Today/ACA set in and out on a Saturday with reduced staff etc), I always assumed it was pre-recorded sometime late in the week.


Oh my bad I thought it’s always LIVE on Saturday nights

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I just assumed it was live too.

But yes, I could see it prerecorded on a Friday afternoon. Makes sense.

Tuesday 27 February
Deb Knight hosting tonight.


Ally at the end of tonight’s show: “Have a good weekend”!


Also laughing on the closing shot, realising she stuffed up.


Tonight she said “Guess what another 2 nights until the weekend…”


Here’s hoping a refresh of the branding is coming. The orange is very jarring compared to past backdrops, and makes the show look dated


Ally never got a chance to correctly wish everyone a good weekend with Deb Knight presenting on Friday.


They haven’t moved away from the 2012 look really, apart from the small tweaks over time.

David Knox saying Nine’s strongest news brand is A Current Affair in News Corp today.


What do you suggest is their strongest news brand?

ACA wins its slot most nights, managing to keep a lot of 6pm news viewers.

Today and Weekend Today are not winners and 60 Minutes often looses up against Spotlight when competing directly against each other. Not to mention the drop in numbers anyway.

Nine News isn’t a national winner either.

Therefore ACA is probably their strongest brand.


I’d agree with that.

Most of all, it is a constant time slot winner in 5-city metro, and often total TV. This doesn’t happen often with Today or Nine News at 6.
60 Minutes I feel has lost a bit of credibility over the last decade or so, and changes timeslots throughout the year, and doesn’t have any direct commercial competition all year round anymore, as Seven News Spotlight only airs for half the year compared to Sunday Night which ran all year round.

The content I feel has gotten better since Ally took over (you could even argue it got better when Covid hit), and a lot of the stories are very relevant.

Plus they were able to change hosts from Tracy to Ally seamlessly and with no change to its dominance. This can be a hard thing to do.

People are very quick to bag out A Current Affair, but I reckon it’s a big reason Nine do well (remember it runs all year round).


Airs 6 nights a week and often (almost always?) wins the timeslot, plus it’s an institution that’s been relatively stable over the years with presenters etc.

I’d say he’d be correct with that observation.


Using the metric of time slot winner to determine their greatest brand isn’t relative when you have no competition, and either side of your broadcast is either the most watched or second most watched program of the night in most cities.

No one at home is switching on A Current Affair to catch up with what happened in the day.

The strongest brand is Nine News.

A Current Affair has a place but it isn’t the strongest brand.

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That was a bit disrespectful.

Ally announcing “some guy” Aaron is rumoured as the new James Bond.

She then goes on to say she knows who she is. So why the disrespectful comment?

Deb Knight tonight