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Have come up with a bit of an idea for a major expansion of 9News, starting with a news network.

Will also include a business channel, and a major expansion of news operations as part of a (fantasy) buy up of regional channels.

More of all that to come, but for now, a mock schedule for the new Nine News Network (9NN).

5AM- EARLY TODAY looks ahead to what’s set to happen across Australia, and wraps up overnight events around the world. Includes business and weather updates, and a look a the national newspapers.

6AM- TODAY, the Nine Network’s flagship morning program for over 40 years.

9AM- THE RUNDOWN looks at what 9 Newsrooms around the country are covering as the working days gets underway.

10AM- MORNING NEWS, a complete news hour covering the day’s top stories and breaking news as it comes in.

11AM- MORNING NEWS, a second news hour, simulcast on stations not producing a local morning news bulletin.

12 MIDDAY- NEWSDAY, rolling news coverage of the top stories of the day and breaking news as they come in. Includes sport, business and weather updates, feature interviews and crossed to correspondents around the country. Anchored by Davina Smith and Tim Davies.

3PM- POWERHOUSE POLITICS goes inside the halls of power with Nine’s political team, including discussions with MPs and political power players. Live from Parliament House.

4PM- AFTERNOON NEWS, a complete news hour covering the day’s top stories, simulcast on stations not producing a local morning news bulletin.

5PM- NINE NEWS NOW, half an hour of the day’s top stories from 9 News across Australia and around the world.

5.30PM- THE KOHLER ACCOUNT- Finance Editor Chris Kohler does the numbers on the day’s money news and what it means to Australians.

6PM- NINE NEWS NOW, half an hour of the day’s top stories from 9 News across Australia and around the world.

6.30PM- WIDE WORLD OF SPORT has the lowdown on the moves and shakers in Australia’s most popular sporting codes.

7PM- STEFANOVIC & CO. Every night Karl Stefanovic breaks down the big stories, cuts through the spin, and is joined by a robust panel to dissect what it all means.

8PM- WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW is a primetime news hour, covering the news you need to know and the stories you’ve got to see. Acclaimed journalist Hamish MacDonald joins 9 to lead the program and coverage of breaking news during the evenings.

9PM- (Monday-Thursday) SPICER & PRICE: CROSSFIRE tackles the big issues from both sides of the political divide, hosted by veteran journalist Tracey Spicer and broadcaster Steve Price.

On Friday- FULL FRAME WITH TRACY GRIMSHAW put news makers and interesting Australians in the big picture, telling their whole story.

10PM- NIGHTLINE returns to 9, anchored by Sarah Abo, including the day’s top stories and news making interviews to set tomorrow’s news agenda.

11PM- (Monday-Thursday) THE 11TH HOUR takes an irreverent looks at the day’s big stories to wrap up the day, hosted by Marc Fennell.

On Friday- WHAT THE FRIDAY? The panel takes a look at the stories and makes that made you do a double take.

12 MIDNIGHT- WORLD NEWS simulcast from partner broadcaster Australia Television.

12.30AM- NINE NEWS OVERNIGHT broadcasts live from Perth. Split into 4 half hour blocks (A,B,C and D) covering the big news stories, and revisiting content from 9 News and partner broadcasts around the world.


3AM- WORLD NEWS simulcast from partner broadcaster Australia Television.


4AM- NINE NEWS OVERNIGHT, rebroadcasts block A and D.

Weekend programming includes regular news bulletins, repeats and ‘best of the week’ programs.

Also includes new programs including:

9AM SUNDAY- MEET THE PRESS return to Australian television, now on 9 and hosted by pollical editor Charles Croucher.

7PM SUNDAY- FITZSIMONS, join journalist and commentator Peter Fitzsimons for his take on the week and interviews people in the know.

60 MINUTES MORE- Revisiting stories from the archives. Each hour will focus on a single story, replaying the archived story, providing an update and conducting a discussion with experts and people involved.

CANVAS- Arts, literature and culture stories from across 9 News programs.

THE UPLIFT- Positive and inspiring stories of Australians going amazing things, and the pictures that make us all smile.

THE PULSE- Health and medical news.

NATIONWIDE- Stories from across regional Australia, from 9’s extensive network of regional newsrooms*. (*more on this later)

When programs are off air, fill in programs would include:

WORLD OF STORIES- long form current affairs and documentaries from partner broadcaster ABC America, TVNZ, BBC and CTV Canada.

BEST OF TODAY- key interviews and the best moments from the week.

Here’s a look at the schedule, bold items are Live programs…


I love this idea :heart_eyes: Would love to see mock openings/promos to these programs


Also part of the line-up, the 9 News Money Network- a business and finance channel, with live daily coverage of how business and finance affects Australia and Australians. Market coverage, consumer news and speciality programs make up the channel’s schedule along with programs from partner broadcasters.

On Weekdays:

6AM- BUSINESS TODAY with Amber Sherlock & Andrew Geoghegan looks at how the market movements will impact your hip pocket. Includes features and regular news updates.

9AM- COUNTDOWN with Kyle Rodda, looks at how the market is shaping up as we prepare for the open.

10AM- MARKET MORNING. Whitney Fitzsimmons & Steven Daghlian cover the open and the morning’s trade in Australia and across our region.

12 NOON- WORKING LUNCH with Ricardo Gonçalves. How the power players are watching the day unfold, includes special features and live interviews.

1.30PM- ON THE MONEY with Kathryn Robinson & Chris Kohler. Live coverage of the day’s moving and shaking on local and international markets.

4PM- CLOSING TIME. Brooke Corte wraps up the day’s action, including at 5PM- ASXtra, a look at the stocks that maybe slipped through the net.

5.30PM- THE KOHLER ACCOUNT- Simulcast on the 9 News Network.

6PM- MONEY TALKS. Award winning journalist Emma Alberici returns to 9 and to her roots in businesses and finance, for an hour of talk and analysis of the big money movements.

7PM and 8PM- Prime Time Programs

Monday- OPEN HOMES looks at the housing market. Sales figures and results from across Australia, plus a look at some impressive properties. STARTUP SUCCESS looks at everyday Aussies doing amazing things in launching new businesses.

Tuesday- UP AND AWAY covers the latest news from the world of aviation. TOMORROW’S TECH looks to the future at the gadgets and gizmos everyone will be talking about.

Wednesday- BUILDING AUSTRALIA goes behind the bollards to look at some of the country’s most impressive infrastructure programs. MEDIA MOVES looks at the names you know and how they’re faring in the media landscape.

Thursday- PRIMARY FOCUS looks at farming news and stories about Australia’s major primary industries. THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT speaks to successful businesspeople about when their stoke of genius hit, and how they turned their ideas and inspiration into a successful business.

Friday- THERE’S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS looks at the world of movies, music and everything that keeps us entertained. THE LUX LIST takes us into another world of high-end goods, travel and property.

9PM- GLOBAL MARKETPLACE with Karen Tso in London looks at how European and American markets are shaping up.

From 10PM- Repeats of THE KOHLER ACCOUNT and MONEY TALKS, ahead of a simulcast of the BBC’S WORLD BUSINESS REPORT, then joining BLOOMBERG live. Overnight hours include paid programs.

On weekends;

10AM Saturday- WEEKEND WATCH looks at how the markets ended their week around the world.

10AM Sunday- FINANCIAL REVIEW SUNDAY returns to 9, to look at a week of movements in the world of money around Australia.

Weekend programming in Daytime includes best of and repeat programs, along with programs from BLOOMBERG, and content from the B1M and Business Insider.


On the main 9 channel, local news would form a significant part of the schedule.

Local 6pm Newshours would be established for Tasmania and Canberra, and reinstated in Darwin.

A 6pm Newshour would also be produced for North Queensland. This would follow the Northern NSW model of covering major stories but also providing breakaway segments for Cairns, Townsville and Central Queensland. NBN News, now 9 News Northern NSW, would continue its existing local breakaways.

Though acquisitions of WIN and Imparja stations, and the Southern Cross licence in South Australia, 9 would establish a network that covers all of Australia. Local news bulletins would be rolled out weeknights at 5.30.

Sydney would produce local news for the Illawarra. Melbourne would produce 4 local bulletins, for Western, Central, Broder/North East and Eastern regions. Brisbane would produce local bulletins for the Sunshine Coast and Darling Downs regions, while the Gold Coast news would continue local production. Adelaide would produce a bulletin for the Spencer Gulf, and one for the Riverland/South East region. Perth would produce 2 regional bulletins, one for the state’s north the other for the south. The Canberra station would produce regional bulletins for the Riverina and the Central West of NSW. Darwin would handle local updates which would air for the Central Northern and Central Southern regions.

Each state would have live and local news updates during TODAY, at 6.30, 7.30 and 8.30. (Tasmania’s would be produced and pre-recorded from Melbourne, Darwin’s from Brisbane and Canberra’s from Sydney).

At 11AM, local Morning News bulletins would be produced. Canberra would receive Sydney’s, while Tasmania and Darwin would receive the morning news from the Nine News Network.

At 4PM- local Afternoon News bulletins following the same format as 11am.

At 5pm- LIVE AT FIVE, a new locally produced magazine and current affairs program to lead into the news, with separate editions for Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth. Canberra and Darwin would receive simulcast of the Nine News Network, in the form of 9 News Now (presented from Canberra) and The Kohler Account. Regional areas would breakaway at 5:30 for the local news.

At 6pm, a live and local NewsHour for each city, followed by A Current Affair.

Local Late news would also be produced by the 6pm team as a 20 minute bulletin, followed by Nightline, which would omit the program’s news summary and join for the reaming 40 minutes. In time of major local news, the entire hour would be a local bulletin.


Loved your ideas, @SA_TV!


Thanks, but all means open to suggestions/feedback if anybody has any.


9NEWS EXTRA is a rolling headline service, which services as an overflow for programming on 9News and 9Money.

It features a set up to the former model on the early morning bulletin, with 9news.com.au items constantly updating on the screen’s right, and below a news and weather ticker, along with program info. Video content would be a constantly updating wheel of news reports taken from 9 news bulletins from around the country. The channel would also air the bulletins produced for Australia Television (more on this tome come), it would also air live news broadcasts from global partners the BBC, ABC US and TVNZ.

During breaking news or program clashes, programs from 9News and 9Money would be broadcast on 9NEWS EXTRA.


Could easily see that adapted to be a a streaming or FAST channel, simple but effective at being a news whenever you want it service. Love the business, local and news channel ideas as well.


I was thinking it could also be a localised service too, for each state.
Mix in local content from the city, regional bulletins and proper national/world stories, on a constant looping and updating wheel. Could be the sort of thing to run on screens at train stations etc.


Here’s a mock-up of how the coronation coverage would go.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Today would broadcast live from London.

On Friday night, a special edition of A Current Affair would be simulcast on the main channel and news network, to cover the final preparations for the big event. At 9pm, a special documentary on the King’s life up until his crowing. Over the weekend, other special programs would air, including a look at how Camilla went from girlfriend to mistress to Queen, plus a look at the King and his siblings.

Wide World Of Sport will air early at 4.30pm.

At 5pm, coverage begins, live across 9 and 9News Network. States would break away for half hour local bulletins at 6pm local time, aside from Perth where the news will air at 5pm local time.

The Coronation coverage includes previews and arrivals, the procession, the service, along with the procession back to the palace, followed by an appearance on the balcony.

Tracy Grimshaw would lead as anchor from the broadcast position at Buckingham Palace, aided by 9News personalities and experts on the ground.

A special 9 News Overnight would follow as the coverage wraps up, while a replay of the service would lead into Today on Sunday morning.

At 4.30 on Sunday, a special recap and highlights program would revisit the big moments.
Then at 9pm, a special edition of Spicer & Price: Crossfire- For King Of Country?, will ask if Australia should swear allegiance to the King, or is it time to cut the cord and leave the Royal Family behind.

It’d be a big weekend!


Taking this idea a bit further, could be done for local markets too.
For example…

Today’s News would be a rotating and repeating wheel of the national Today updates, news segments from the show, and the 3 local news mini-bulletins. It’d rotate through the morning before a simulcast of the local morning news which would repeat immediately after. In the afternoon, the newswheel format would roll for a few hours, with local and national news segements from 9 News bulletins and the news and business channel. At 4, 5 and 6pm, the main local programs would simulcast, with the 6pm news repeated at 7. Then could rotate between the newswheel and the various regional bulletins, then the late news live, then a few repeats.

Would be good for having on screens on public transport stations and things like that.

would look something like this (very quick and poor attempt)…


I’ve alluded before to ‘partner broadcaster Australia Television’

This would be 9 taking over the operation of Australia’s international broadcasting, as funded by the Commonwealth to broadcast news and information programs to the world.

See below an example tv guide.

It would include live Newshours at 6am, Noon, 6pm and Midnight AEST (daily) and live half hours bulletins at 9am, 3pm, 9pm and 3am (weekdays). Other programs would include Focus America, Focus Europe and Focus Asia, produced by 9 News Network.

The station would also broadcast live and rebroadcasts of programs from 9News and 9Money stations, along with programs from ABC and SBS News and Current Affairs.

General entertainment from 9, ABC and SBS will fill the schedule.

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I assume programming is just straight pre-empted by sport?

Hadn’t thought that far ahead… and wondered what rights agreements would be for Aussie sports, domestically and internationally. Don’t think you’d be able to run the full fixture of AFL and NRL over a weekend too. Maybe needs a separate general entertainment and sport channel :wink:

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This was just going off the fact ABC Australia currently carries various Australian sports :+1:.

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That’s a good point, would be a good drawcard even if it was select matches from AFL and NRL.

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Oh wow look what I dug up from the archives, the schedule from back when the 9 News Network launched in 2001! Crazy hey!

Always found it funny they just aired ET at 6pm but I guess it was so people (in the eastern states0 would switch over for their local news. Newsline was an interesting concept, but I guess it was the precursor to the 9News Extra channel. Was interesting when they’d use 8 or NBN or Win Canberra/Tassie branded stories in the mix but nice bit of coworking. Of course they’d also use Win resources for regional coverage.

Paul Clithero was a very lively finance host in the evening, always felt it was better they used him rather than getting the then finance editor Michael Pascoe to present.

Fascinating bit of history hey! :wink:


Have had a tweak to my 9News channel idea.

Decided 9News Overnight wouldn’t be sustainable in reality, so have instead gone will simulcasts of the World News, then a replay of Stefanovic & Co, and 9Newsline, a rotating montage of news segments from previous bulletins.

Have also renamed the daytime block Newscentre Nine as I felt Newsday has been done, and this has a bit of heritage to it.

On weekends, two new programs- First Nations- the people and places behind the world’s longest living culture. Timeline- delving into the 9News archives to look at big stories from beginning to end. Have also renamed the positive news program Good To Know as well as slightly rejig the weekend schedule.

As always, love your feedback and ideas…


The latest addition to my idea for the 9News Network…

9WeatherZone, a partnership Between 9 and Weatherzone in the form of a rolling weather channel.

The day starts at 6am, with Your Weather Today, a look at the day ahead, plus features and regular news/sport updates.

At 9am, the morning edition of 9Weather Watch. Rolling coverage of the day’s weather, including forecast for across the country and the world, snow & surf reports, reports from reporters around Australia on weather events. The afternoon edition airs at 1pm, with an evening edition at 7pm. The programs are anchored by 9News weather presenters and meteorologists from Weather Zone. Evening editions would also look at The Night Sky, what we can see and what we can learn from the stars and beyond.

At Midday, 6pm, and Midnight- Weather Walkabout. An hour long gentle stroll around beautiful landscapes across Australia. From stunning natural environments to vibrant urban landscapes. From Botanic gardens, coastlines and hikes set to an easy listening instrumental soundtrack. Overlaid with the latest weather information and forecasts.

Popular weather presenter and science communicator Nate Byrne joins 9WeatherZone to present 3 daily programs. At 4pm; What In The Weather? asks what’s caused today’s weather, at 5pm Current Climate gives a daily snapshot of our planet right now, and looks at ways climate change is being dealt with. Later at 10pm The Tomorrow Show is part weather forecast, part tonight show, including chats with entertaining and interesting guests, with a bit of showbiz and a bit of science.

At 8pm on Wednesday, the weekly current affairs program Atmosphere looks at the bi issues affecting our weather and our environment, and how we adapt to living on our changing planet.

On Weekend mornings at 9am, Sportscast looks at how the forecast is going to impact the big sporting clashes that weekend.

In between programming, 9WeatherWindow covers the forecast, including wrapping up local forecasts from 9’s metro and local bulletins around the country. On the weekend, Weather Channel original documentaries would air, while overnight is a mix of paid programming and Earth TV live cameras.

Thoughts and feedback always welcome! :slight_smile:


So far, you’ve created a set of mock 24 hour channels covering news, business and weather information as well as “Australia Television” for audiences worldwide. Any plans for an all sports news channel?