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Hadn’t planned to tbh but I mean willing to give it a crack haha

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Bit of an update on how my fictional 9News programs would run on the main channel…

Morning and Afternoon news would air locally (Canberra would receive Sydney, while Tasmania and Darwin would receive News Network bulletins).

Live at Five has be renamed Later Today, and will roll out to all states/territories.

EXCITINGLY… (in this fictional word) 9 has acquired NZ’s TV3 and relaunced it as 9 New Zealand.
News programs would include TODAY, Māori news bulletins Hei A Nei (roughly translated to Here and Now). The Project would continue production. On weekend, Māori current affairs program Mo Tatou (roughly translated to Our Stories) and and Meet The Press NZ would air following weekend Today. Early mornings would also feature programs from 9’s Australia Television (update on that coming.)

Thoughts and suggestions always welcome!


Making better ideas than those currently in charge. Makes perfect sense. Come on 9, do it.


New Zealand’s own Channel Nine would be great, compared to my own dream network!


Yours is great too Paddy


Thanks, @foxyrover - just responded to the creation of NZ’s own Channel Nine, although mine (PTV Network New Zealand) and 9 NZ do not exist in real life. I hope you like my ideas too, but there are more changes to come in the future!


I had a feeling you’d like the idea! :wink:


@SA_TV NZ’s own Project has just been, or is proposed to be, axed in real life. A Current Affair would fill the 7pm slot on weeknights.

I don’t think they’ve announced anything yet re: a replacement.


Decided to give this idea a bit of a refresh… with 21 hours of live news programming each day (shown in bold) plus a host of new programs.

5AM- EARLY TODAY looks ahead to what’s set to happen across Australia, and wraps up overnight events around the world. Includes business and weather updates, and a look at the national newspapers.

6AM- TODAY, the Nine Network’s flagship morning program for over 40 years.

9AM- THE RUNDOWN looks at what 9 Newsrooms around the country are covering as the working days gets underway.

10AM- MORNING NEWS, a complete news hour covering the day’s top stories and breaking news as it comes in.

11AM- MORNING NEWS, a second news hour, simulcast on stations not producing a local morning news bulletin.

12 MIDDAY- NEWS CENTRE NINE, rolling news coverage of the top stories of the day and breaking news as they come in. Includes sport, business and weather updates, feature interviews and crossed to correspondents around the country. Anchored by Davina Smith and Tim Davies.

3PM- POWERHOUSE POLITICS goes inside the halls of power with Nine’s political team, including discussions with MPs and political power players. Live from Parliament House.

4PM- AFTERNOON NEWS, a complete news hour covering the day’s top stories, simulcast on stations not producing a local morning news bulletin.

5PM- NINE NEWS NOW, half an hour of the day’s top stories from 9 News across Australia and around the world.

5.30PM- THE KOHLER ACCOUNT- Finance Editor Chris Kohler does the numbers on the day’s money news and what it means to Australians.

6PM- WORLD NEWS simulcast from partner broadcaster Australia Television.

6.30PM- WIDE WORLD OF SPORT has the lowdown on the movers and shakers in Australia’s most popular sporting codes.

7PM- STEFANOVIC & CO. Every night Karl Stefanovic breaks down the big stories, cuts through the spin, and is joined by a robust panel to dissect what it all means.

8PM- DEBORAH KNIGHT PRIMETIME, covering the news you need to know and the stories you’ve got to see. Includes insights, debates and breaking news.

9PM- (Monday-Thursday) SPICER & PRICE: CROSSFIRE tackles the big issues from both sides of the political divide, hosted by veteran journalist Tracey Spicer and broadcaster Steve Price.

On Friday- FULL FRAME WITH TRACY GRIMSHAW put news makers and interesting Australians in the big picture, telling their whole story.

10PM- NIGHTLINE returns to 9, anchored by Sarah Abo, including the day’s top stories and news making interviews to set tomorrow’s news agenda.

11PM- (Monday-Thursday) THE 11TH HOUR takes an irreverent looks at the day’s big stories to wrap up the day, hosted by Marc Fennell.

On Friday- SHANKS, A LOT! Our lawyers watching on cautiously as acclaimed an/or despised activist and comedian Jordan Shanks, better knows as friendlyjordies, gives his unique perspective on the week’s big stories.

12 MIDNIGHT- WORLD NEWS simulcast from partner broadcaster Australia Television.

1AM- NIGHTLINE WEST, a full late news hour produced by 9News in Perth. Includes leading interviews from the earlier program and updated news coverage. This will also air on 9 in Perth, replacing the hybrid local/national Late News/Nightline program.

From 2am, repeats of factual programs fill the schedule, along with a World News bulletin at 3am.

On Weekends, live news coverage is complimented with an array of factual programs.

9AM SUNDAY- MEET THE PRESS return to Australian television, now on 9 and hosted by pollical editor Charles Croucher.

7PM SUNDAY- FITZSIMONS, join journalist and commentator Peter Fitzsimons for his take on the week and interviews with people in the know.

9PM SUNDAY- BATTLEGROUND: USA, covers to tumultuous race for the White House.

PRIMETIME and NIGHTLINE on the weekend includes live news bulletins and highlights and updates from the week’s big stories and interviews from their respective programs.

60 MINUTES MORE - Revisiting stories from the archives. Each hour will focus on a single story, replaying the archived story, providing an update and conducting a discussion with experts and people involved.

BTS- Behind the scenes for the latest news in music, film and theatre.

CANVAS - Arts, literature and culture stories from across 9 News programs.

GATHERING- an indigenous culture program, taking a modern look at the world’s oldest culture.

GOOD TO KNOW - Positive and inspiring stories of Australians going amazing things, and the pictures that make us all smile.

AMPLIFY- Nothing is off the table, looking a current affairs which affect young Australians and those who otherwise go unheard.

THE PULSE - Health and medical news.

TIMELINE - delving into the 9News archives to look at big stories from beginning to end.

NATIONWIDE - Stories from across regional Australia, from 9’s extensive network of regional newsrooms*. (*more on this later)

From international sister station Australia Television:

PACIFIC BEAT- news and stories from around the Pacific.

AROUND ASIA- a vibrant look at stories from our neighbours to the north.

CHINA CALLING- the big stories from the biggest country.

ACROSS AMERICA- delve into the communities across the USA.


Looks good however I would either:

  1. have Today run Monday-Saturday and revive Sunday on Sunday morning to lead in to Meet the Press
  2. Reformat Today on Sunday to mirror NBC’s Sunday Today.

Fair point.
I guess my rationale is that the original ‘Sunday’ and the present weekend ‘Today’ are very different and serve different functions. I think anything Sunday was doing would be in place in many of the other shows.


I’ve always thought there needs to be some form of local news in the morning, whether it be on a news channel or streaming like in the US. You could do local 7am - 9am with Today simulcasting 5:30-7am.

I think on the main channel I’d like to see local news, sorta like how the UK or American morning shows do it with a few inserts during the main show. But the news channel would be national so those slots would be filled with national stuff.


like what @PaddyTePou?

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