800 Words

Not according to the dvd release. It has it as season 2 part 1. I just assumed they would air the left over episodes before easter.

Sure the show sucks but it’s not like they have any other huge drama developments and the ratings aren’t that bad. Just very average. Though burning off the episodes in a two hour event is never good.

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It was a great cliffhanger.

I binge watched the whole of season 2 this weekend. I can see why ratings might have been down this season. It seems like they did a lot in season 1 and then when they got to season 2 weren’t sure what they were going to with these characters and had some of them repeating what they did before or were treading water for a while.

Sometimes a show can have a brilliant first season and then they don’t seem to have much to explore next season. Empire was like this. Doctor Doctor might be in the same boat. Each episode seems jam packed and they’ve done a lot already. You wonder where they can go next season.

Saw a promo last night during Hopman Cup with the words “after the tennis”. Is Seven bringing season 3 forward? The past two seasons both aired in the second half of the year.

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Season 2 was twice as long as season 1 but they only showed half the episodes in 2016. So while it might feel like season 3, it’s actually season 2 part b.

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So Seven is indicating it will show season 2 part b “after the tennis”. Is it possible for season 3 to air later this year or immediately after season 2 is complete? Seven has to learn from its mistakes when it split the seasons of Winners & Losers in the past.

They haven’t filmed a third season yet. If they do it will most likely air at the end of the year again.

“Coming Soon” according to Seven with Season 2 Episode 10.

George and Fiona put the heat on their new relationship with a dinner party and a new table. However, if they’re to survive as a couple there are many dramas to overcome both in and out of the kitchen.

Promo during the tennis last night said returning Tuesday After the Tennis.

That’s the second episode after it returns (S2E09 is the first one).

Basil just confirmed in the coverage returns two weeks today.

I just started watching this show this morning … a lot of laugh out loud moments from the pilot. Hopefully the standard continues

Tuesday 31st January 2017.

Show got renewed for a third season (credit Channel 7). No surprise there since NZ Herald let the cat out of the bag the other day in their interview with Michelle.

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Good to hear.

They were shooting this last week so plans to go ahead with a third season must have been made ages ago.

Like any show, they probably had been given an indication they were good to go for another season due to it being a co-production.

But I wouldn’t be surprised, like any show waiting for an official renewal (think of APTCH this season), that some of the storylines might be wrapped up by the end of this season, in case plans fell through.

Because most show runners these days (due to the overall cut-throat nature of TV) have to have a plan B in place (or at least some tacked on ending ready to go), in case that happens.

800 Words promo shown tonight, saying it is “Coming to Tuesdays”. I didn’t think there was more than one season of this per year. I know they just wrapped up filming but I thought that was for a series next year!!


Awesome :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Could it be another split season, perhaps?

Season two had 16 episodes. Seven aired the first 8 episodes in late 2016, and then aired the remaining 8 episodes earlier this year.

I’m assuming the season 3 would be the same?

Why do Seven split up the seasons for? Like they did with this, Winners & Losers and Packed to the Rafters? What is wrong with airing it for its entire run without any interruptions? Like the good old days of All Saints and Blue Heelers. lol


Repeats of season 1 starts this Sunday at 1.30pm on 7flix, ahead of season 3 premiere.

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I actually think they’ve been showing on Sundays on 7Flix already. I remember seeing it in the guide for last Sunday.