Outdated stream listings is an issue I came across numerous times over the weekend

I only got it on Sunday night. At that point, I just stopped watching the coverage. I had missed the swimming from earlier in the night and doubt I’ll see it given 7 won’t upload it to the archive.


Seven West Media CEO James Warburton has told Mediaweek that 7plus now has 9.4 million registered users and is well positioned in terms of streaming platform competition. However the company is still looking for a SVOD partner.



Great, let the wild and unrealistic speculation begin :roll_eyes:

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Seven launches 7Interactive

Australian-first interactive ad collaboration with BrightLine puts viewers in control

Seven West Media has joined forces with BrightLine, a leader in interactive connected TV ad solutions, to let viewers explore advertisers’ branded content through their remote control or video game controller while watching 7plus.

The Australian-first 7Interactive ad solution puts 7plus viewers in control of their ad experience, allowing them to easily explore more content from a brand through a connected TV.

7Interactive unites viewers who want to know more about an on-screen brand’s product or service, with premium content housed on 7plus.

The new product suite is the latest innovative addition to Seven’s Enhanced Advertiser and Viewer Experience (E.A.V.E.) initiative.

Seven West Media Network Digital Sales Director, Nicole Bence, said: “7Interactive is a premium advertising experience that gives viewers the choice over the commercial content they consume on 7plus.

“Our collaboration with BrightLine transforms advertising into a dynamic, full-screen immersive experience that drives deep engagement with brand content and lifts brand consideration and purchase intent. It gives marketers an easy way to weave new and existing assets into rich, dynamic ads to maximise engagement through connected TVs.

“E.A.V.E. is at the core of our approach to innovative ad experiences that make advertising more enjoyable, engaging and brings brands to life through interactive storytelling.

7interactive takes personalisation to the next time in a one-stop solution that lets viewers click ‘OK’ on their remotes to access premium content relevant to them,” she said.

BrightLine CEO, Jacqueline Corbelli, said: “Partnering with Seven West Media marks a first for BrightLine in extending the standard-setting interactive and dynamic ads we bring to the TV screen in the US to Australia. Surging connected TV viewer adoption and brands’ demand for new ways to engage audiences has become a global phenomenon. This is the right partnership at the right time, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

Viewing on connected TVs accounts for over 70% of the content watched on 7plus. With more than 9.2 million registered users, up 44% since before the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, 7plus offers marketers an unparalleled amount of data and meaningful insights via the 7REDiQ platform.

7Interactive follows the launch in April of 7ACT, which allows advertisers to dynamically insert QR codes seamlessly into video assets, enabling marketers and content creators to showcase specific products, offer relevant information and provide contextual shopping opportunities.

How many of those will not use it again until the next Olympics?


Interested if that is the Mad Dogs British tv series or the 2015 one produced by Amazon…

7plus hits new heights in 2021

Tokyo 2020 and The Voice help drive 58% increase Registered users up more than 47% to 9.4 million

The Seven Network’s market-leading 7plus broadcast streaming platform has recorded strong growth in 2021, expanding its audience and extending its market share leadership.

So far this year, 7plus has streamed more than 12 billion minutes of content, 21% more than its nearest commercial competitor.

It has increased its live streaming viewership year -on-year by a massive 186% and its total viewership by 58%.

The success of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, The Voice, Home and Away and other key content has given 7plus a 47.3% year-to-date commercial free to air BVOD share, up 5.7 share points on the same period in 2020 and more than eight share points above its nearest competitor.

Since July, 7plus has had a 60% share, more than Nine Network and Network 10 combined.

7plus also dominates the key advertiser demographics so far this year, commanding a 47% share in people 25 to 54.

7plus commands an even stronger lead in live streaming, with a 59% commercial share for total people.

With more than 40 Olympics channels, 7plus set new Australian streaming records during Tokyo 2020 and added more than 2.8 million new registered users, lifting its total number of registered users 44% to more than 9.2 million. Since then, it has increased to 9.4 million, up 47% in total since before Tokyo 2020.

Australians watched more than 4.74 billion minutes of Tokyo 2020 content on 7plus, making it the biggest digital event in Australian history. 7play’s comprehensive coverage of The Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 also attracted huge audiences, with the Paralympics Opening Ceremony alone doubling the total minutes streamed for the whole of Rio 2016.

The Voice was #1 in live streaming each night it aired with an average of 75,000 viewers, up 151% on the 2020 live streaming average. An average of 181,000 viewers watched the world’s biggest singing competition on-demand, up 48% on the 2020 season.

The #1 television show of 2021 attracted an average of 257,000 viewers per episode through on-demand and live streaming on 7plus, up 65% on The Voice ’s 2020 BVOD season average. Viewing on 7plus alone added 14% to the average total audience and 22% in 25 to 54s.

Seven West Media Chief Digital Officer, Gereurd Roberts, said: “The remarkable growth of 7plus in 2021 has been driven by Seven’s content-led growth strategy which continues to deliver compelling content that connects with younger audiences.

“After shattering Australian streaming records with our Tokyo 2020 coverage, 7plus has continued the momentum, with The Voice dominating live and on-demand streaming every night it aired. Home and Away has also delivered audience highs in the last month as it continues to connect with viewers on television and online.

“With the unmissable SAS Australia and Big Brother VIP , 7plus will continue its powerhouse position as the #1 free-to-air broadcast streaming service in Australia. Along with our incredible new content, 7plus boasts an extensive library of exclusive and classic content and we continually innovate to enhance the viewing experience.”

7plus in 2021:

  • #1 commercial free-to-air BVOD platform, with a 47.3% share of total commercial free-to-air BVOD viewership

  • #1 in live streaming viewership, with a 59% share

  • 58% growth in total viewership year-on-year

  • 186% growth in live viewership year-on-year

  • Registered users up 47% to 9.4 million since before Tokyo 2020

Source: OzTAM VPM 3.1, 2021 calendar year (3 January to 12 September 2021 v. 5 January to 13 September 2020)

Seven’s strategy for the Olympics of utilising 7Plus instead of a dedicated app like for 2016 Rio certainly paying off.


Does anyone know if I can watch the SANFL Grand Final on 7plus in Victoria?


There should be a live stream on 7plus later this afternoon.




Had it on my watchlist on Stan years ago and then it expired never got around to seeing it since


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Just for those who’ve started ER on 7Plus in SD and commercials, it has just dropped on Prime Video in HD with all 15 seasons.


9Now is still the only free ad supported streaming service from the networks that is in HD ?

7Plus isn’t ?.. though it looks clear on the Apple TV.


Is home and away the early years going to be added on to 7 plus soon