Seven appear to have done a major update to their 7Live app, now making it very hard for me to change my region and watch shows in other places like Sydney. Is there any way around this or have Seven f***ed it up?

If you mean “fixed it up” then you’re right. You shall now only view programs allowed in you region. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Seven f***ed it up I think. It will now prevent interstate viewers from streaming special events like the Perth Telethon next month, the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, and the state football leagues (VFL, SANFL and WAFL).


Why would they do this? They’ve been happy to keep it this way until now so what’s the problem. The 7Live site somehow now automatically detects your location and doesn’t ask for your postcode now which is the problem, it just foists WA programming on me. Jeez if I wanted WA programming, I would just watch the TV. For the record, I can still watch things from other regions through the Plus7 app and the 7Tennis app but I can’t block the incessant ads like I was doing with the ad blocker browser, accessing the 7Live site.

What’s really fucked up is the fact that a major international media company can build a brand new streaming platform in 2017 and think that 1080p HD is anything but an essential and fundamental inclusion right from the get go. It’s a shameful reflection on our local industry and I’m hopeful that CBS can help set a few standards in this area.


On the Telstra TV Plus7 app, I changed my postcode/region and was able to watch shows in other places. Just tested now.

Plus7 will become 7plus in November - http://www.7plus.com.au/

Sounds like there will be some sort of paid premium component.


There’s something about 7plus that just doesn’t sound right, missed opportunity for a better rebrand I reckon.

Change the game sound a little tacky too and their voiceover guy is annoying.


Same here in wa was able to watch Sydney 6pm news

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The name sounds like a timeshift service. Though I do like the come with us/watch with us/binge with us/play with us/etc. versatile slogan.

I guess they didn’t want to change the name too much to scare away users.


Yes, very cringy video and the voiceover doesn’t work at all. I do quite like the presentation elements, would have been a good package for 7flix.

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Change The Game has been used for a while by Seven, under their PR/comms department.

Sounds like this is all Clive Dickens’ (SWM Chief Digital Officer) doing.

Another Possible Suggestion for 7plus is Uploading Whatever US Produced Sitcoms and Dramas they’ve got Left Including the Sony Produced The Blacklist and The Goldbergs as well as Grey’s Anatomy, How to get away with Murder, Scandal, Black_Ish and Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Even 20th Century Fox Produced Family Guy and American Dad may joins the Ranks, All of Them to be Fast-Tracked just Hours after their Original US Airings and Uploaded onto 7Plus as Watch First, I’m Sick of having to wait Months or More for Them to Come Back. Here’s what TVNZ did when they Launched Watch First: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/categories/express

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Including Fast-tracking every current US Sitcoms and Dramas that the Seven Network has Rights to Screen First on their New Service?

The logo is horrid

Have you seen your own logo? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

7plus looks fresh and contemporary.


Poor name I recon, every search result will be iPhone 7 Plus



7 Flix

7 Two

7 Mate

Whoever names these things doesn’t put much effort in. Ok maybe 7 Mate is the only one that sounds decent the rest don’t.


And Ten, One, Eleven + 9’s suite of seemingly meaningless named channels are any better?

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No not really .

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