I’m picking an eventual amalgamation with 7news.com.au. A little birdie tells me there’s been a steady stream of exits from the exisiting site, and few if any replacements. And IPSOS data has been far from impressive for a national broadcaster.

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@JohnsonTV who is in Seven East camp?

I was lucky enough to read the whole column this morning (normally it is behind the paywall), and this paragraph suggests the broadcast division based in Sydney is in Seven East camp.

There’s certainly a view in parts of Seven West that The Nightly has been dreamt up – at the instigation of Stokes – because the Seven Network is not delivering the kind of influence in the east that the billionaire enjoys in the west. That’s despite dominating the ratings in many key time slots.

Which is precisely why some noses are seriously out of joint in Sydney, where there is a feeling that precious resources are being diverted to something that many expect will fail. No one, as one Seven West insider told Media Observed this week, will say that to Stokes’ face, of course.

It’s an absolutely shameless vanity project to peddle faux influence in the east.

Another folly for Little Kerry to learn from his mistakes, his screams increasing in loudness as dated media outlets lose relevance.

Big Kerry will be laughing in his grave again.

PS, thanks @JohnsonTV for the info about seven east.

Sure, but also signals the chronic underperformance of the current 7news website, which has only now launched email newsletters after 5 years, prompted by Meta’s withdrawal. When you’re trawling Daily Mail for stories, there are issues.

I notice that many current 7News reporters have begun posting teaser clips on Instagram, telling followers to watch the 6pm bulletin for the full story. Do you expect these reporters to file longer articles for the 7news website, similar to what the ABC reporters are doing at the moment?

Especially if they are being paid more than those at the ABC who often have to file online, radio and television reports each day, and in regional areas, file multiple online and radio stories, as well as material for The Country Hour.

They should. If they’re across a TV script they can bang together 100 words for a brief web story.

There is an art to writing for TV and digital (very different formats), but its nothing that cant be taught with some training.

The Nightly seems like a glorified wordpress blog.


They have done in the past, particularly from the overseas bureaus. The problem is, Seven’s broadcast and digital operations are so insular, they’ve been unable to overcome it over the last five years, I don’t see how they can anytime soon. The website seems more interested in copying Daily Mail clickbait than utilising any existing broadcast resources.

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The problem is that 1) this content just doesn’t really generate interest online and you need the clickbait to act as loss leaders for it to ‘work’ and 2) 100 word articles are to my understanding - and I might be wrong - filtered out by search engines so don’t work for SEO. They’ve got to be around 300-400 words to work.

I don’t think that’s as true now as it once was. Google is far more sophisticated now and within a larger site, shorter articles can work, especially if you add video.

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Looks like 7news.com.au has had a refresh? atleast on mobile.


The desktop version also has a refresh.


It’s terrible on desktop.

And the show pages are dull and boring.

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