That is a terrible looking graphic that Phil posted, but great work with executing their online strategy - i’d say 7 would be pretty happy with how it’s tracking.


It’s the website’s first fall in Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, dropping 3.2% from July. It came fifth overall in the ratings.

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7News’ third appearance as a solo act in the DCR saw it drop 3.2% from its gain of 10% last month, pulling a UA (unique audience) of 5.8m for fifth place.

7News debuted in June’s DCR with unique audience of 5.463 million, rising to 6.026 million in July.

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The “Facebook Watch” studio gets another workout as an entertainment space.

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Daily audience Wednesday 16 October


news.com.au was No.1 in September with unique audience of 10.14 million followed by ABC (9.09 million) and nine.com.au (8.72 million).


Results for Sunday 27 OctoberScreenshot_20191028-135818~2

The website was one of several Australia and overseas websites (including British banks Lloyds and Halifax) which went offline for several hours for reasons yet to be known, but it is back online now.

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I never use 7news.com.au unless it would be to find a specific story or video.




“People 2+”. Seven making sure the toddlers are included.


A more dramatic narrowing of a lead is that between smh.com.au and 7NEWS. In September the Nine Entertainment news brand was 766,000 people ahead, while in October the lead over the recently launched Seven news brand is now just 87,000.

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7NEWS.com.au launches special series on the Syrian refugee crisis

The Misunderstood, LIVE on 7NEWS.com.au, from Sunday 24 November.

This Sunday 24 November, 7NEWS.com.au will launch an exclusive online series; ‘The Misunderstood: A Journey from Syria to Sydney’.

The 7NEWS.com.au special series will feature four faces of the 21st century refugee crisis: Rnita Dacho, Nohara Odicho, Simon Shahin and George Najarian.

Just five years ago, these highly educated, determined and incredibly optimistic friends were firming up their futures at home in Syria, balancing university study with busy social and family commitments.

Now they are rebooting their lives on the other side of the world, but their journeys here have cost each of them more than most of us could truly understand.

Their stories are just a snapshot of more than 6.7 million Syrians who have been forced to leave their homeland by a brutal civil war that has raged since 2011.


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I’ll have to make sure I don’t visit as I wouldn’t want to add to their numbers.

Do 7 News no longer have an app?

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