7mate - Programs and Schedules

Aussie Truck Rehab

Announced in 2022 - finally getting a FTA run on 7Mate (previously seen on Discovery)

From Tuesday 9 April 8:30pm

American Wreckers

From Tuesday 9 April 11:30pm

Follow the rivalry between the Belle Boys and the Outsiders, as they battle each week in the demolition derby arena in Belle, Missouri.

Adventure Gold Diggers - Season 2

From Monday 15 April 8:30pm

A catastrophic breakdown threatens to end the Clermont Diggers’ mining season. And the Rookie Miner’s $20.000 gamble to relocate their gold processing plant ends in disaster.

From Screenwest

Brand new documentary series ‘Outback Crystal Hunters’ greenlit for production in Western Australia

Screenwest is pleased to announce Outback Crystal Hunters, a new documentary series from Prospero Productions has been greenlit and is in production in Western Australia, following the success of Outback Truckers, Outback Opal Hunters and Outback Farm.

The eight-part series is set to premiere on 7MATE and Discovery+ later this year and will see a new generation of fearless Australian treasure hunters on a quest to unearth some of the world’s rarest and ancient crystals.

Fuelled by celebrity endorsements and a four-trillion-dollar-a-year global wellness industry, the crystal trade is booming, and Australia has some of the most ancient & richest deposits on earth. Five courageous crystal hunting teams are set to confront extreme conditions, from scorching deserts to frigid underground mines, in a bid to unearth some of the world’s most breathtaking crystals.

The series is narrated by Tristan Gorey (Mystery Road: Origin, Itch), directed by Casey Grogan (Aussie Gold Hunters, New Leash on Life) and produced by Mike Hoath (Outback Opal Hunters, Red Dirt Road Trip) together with Executive Producer/Series Producer Robin Shingleton and Executive Producers Julia Redwood and Jules Fortune.

“We’re so pleased to see Prospero Productions continue to create successful new formats in the documentary space year after year, delivering impressive training and development opportunities for the WA screen industry. We look forward to seeing their latest “outback” series entertain audiences across Australia and the globe.” said Melissa Hayward, Screenwest Documentary Executive.

“I’m blown away by the scale and beauty of the crystals the teams are finding! What they are uncovering is just jaw-dropping! I can’t wait for viewers, here and around the world, to see this extraordinary new series and the stunning and challenging landscapes of the Australian Outback which are equally as jaw-dropping!” said Julia Redwood, Executive Producer – Prospero Productions.

Prospero Productions is one of Australia’s most prolific and innovative factual production companies, having produced a vast number of multi award-winning documentaries and documentary series seen around the world, including nine seasons of Outback Truckers and seven seasons of Outback Opal Hunters.

Most recently, the Prospero team kicked off production on West Coast Cops – an exhilarating observational documentary series following the lives of seven UK cops as they move to Western Australia to continue their policing careers. The series will premiere in the UK on UKTV’s channel W and Nine Network in Australia with international sales handled by DCD.

Outback Crystal Hunters will premiere on 7MATE and Discovery+ in 2024.

Production credit: Outback Crystal Hunters is produced by Prospero Productions for Channel 7 and Warner Bros. Discovery with principal production funding from Screenwest and Lotterywest. International sales are being handled by DCD.

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