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Wednesday 13 February

New episodes return

9:00PM The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 9: Daddicu Finch

9:30PM Family Guy Season 18 Episode 8: Con Heiress

10:00PM American Dad Season 14 Episode 10: Railroaded


Aussie Lobster Men

From Tuesday 12 February at 8:30pm

Aussie Lobster Men follows the real-life dramas of six lobster boat captains as they risk it all in search of the world’s most prized seafood delicacy, Tasmanian Rock Lobster.


I thought that was kippers.


Sadly no new episodes of Futurama…


Have all these new episodes been replaced by the film Avatar?


Looks like it.

That sucks.


Only to return the following week. :thinking:


The new Simpsons episode is now airing at 8.00pm, with Avatar at 8.30



7mate had a NBC Today filler for some minutes before 9:30pm, haven’t seen it before in prime time.

AFLW must’ve finished early, but too late even for a 15-30min filler program?


AFLW telecasts on Saturday nights are scheduled to finish at 9.15pm AEDT.


Tonight was scheduled to finish at 9:30pm…


Shame for fans, Futurama already bumped to late night.

The Simpsons re-runs and new Simpsons/FG/AD pushed back.

7:30 hour replaced by new “Dashcam”.


According to guides, Futurama back at 8pm on Wednesday?


Aussie comedy Rostered On has been renewed for a second season by 7mate.



Scheduling vs presentation/script communication issue tonight :confused:

Promos for “new American Dad next” during Family Guy’s new episode at 9:30pm…

Yet 10pm right now is actually an old re-run of Family Guy.

PRGs and EPG also incorrect.

Though somehow eBroadcast online guide got the right info. American Dad (which is actually a re-run) still has an episode at 10:30pm.

Did American Dad actually finish the latest first run season? Or have Seven bizarrely rested it this week? Must’ve been a very late change regardless


I thought it was bought by Netflix and was one of Netlflix’s originals and Netflix was funding a second season. Season 1 is on Netflix.

Article says " From a small indy web series shot on a shoestring budget, to Netflix, and now to a major Australian network is truly a dream come true!"

Sure I read somewhere Netflix was commissioning a second season.


The show airs an original episode next week which is episode 13 of season 14. These episodes aired in 2018 overseas. The show then took a long break and the second half of the season starting with episode 14 only returned to American screens in Feb this year. My understanding is that 7mate won’t be fast tracking these episodes and episode 13 next week will be it for the time being.


Netflix only bought season 1.

7mate is making season 2 and I assume it will then screen worldwide on Netflix. That’s the way it’s usually done these days.


Probably will air on 7mate first I’m guessing in Australia and worldwide on Netflix .


Looks like I’ll see my local area on TV again, assuming they use the same shot of the outside of Betta Electrical