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7flix’s Sunday line-up changes frequently, so wouldn’t bet on that staying, suspect it’s a strategy depending what’s on the main channel and also 7mate that night, as to try to rate and offer a demographic alternative, but also not to take away too viewers from those other channels.

It’s regularly the channel’s worst night, often barely getting past 1% share, maybe only a few nights in a whole year will it pull 2.5 or above 3% on a Sunday. So I’d imagine Seven wouldn’t care much about this night. All m/c in general (apart from 7mate) seem to rate really low on Sundays, reflecting the usually high main channel audiences this night.

They use the early evening timeslots a lot to encore reality shows (local and imported) too, which also hints to what I was suggesting in my first paragraph. @TV.Cynic

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Week commencing 31 July 2022

Friday 5 August
06:00 PM Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Day 8 - Evening
06:30 PM Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Day 8 - Night
07:00 PM Movie: The Mask

Saturday 6 August
06:00 PM Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Day 9 - Evening
06:30 PM Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Day 9 - Night
07:00 PM Movie: Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian


Due to 7mate’s coverage of Birmingham Commonwealth Games, the final of Hogwarts Tournament of Houses will air on 7flix this Sunday (July 31) at 6pm, followed by the repeat of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at 7pm.

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7flix had an announcement at the bottom saying that there is change happening on the 30th November & for people for retune to find it. Anyone knows what’s the change that’s happening?

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It is becoming MPEG-4 SD. No change for viewers in Seven Regional markets as 7flix is already MPEG-4, however 7mate SD could be discontinued in all O&O areas incl. Regional.

7flix will show both the original Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU on Sunday nights from January 15. L&O will be at 7.30pm followed by triple episodes of SVU at 8.30pm. Both series will start from the very first episode.

Seven secured the rights to both shows as part of a new programming deal with NBCUniversal, which includes the launch of 7Bravo.


I find the original Law & Order stacks up quite well as a strong drama series. More recently reruns aired sporadically on GEM around 11pm/midnight.

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+1 here. Also watched on few when 9Now were uploading them, though a bit later seasons around 2000 when the late Jerry Orbach and Jesse L Martin starred. What was good was it was like an ‘American Blue Heelers’, not over-produced, psychological and/or in-depth respectively like SVU and CI. Ran across three different decades as well, four if you include the latest re-boot, still awaiting a FTA home here. Seven?

Just saw a new promo during an ad break on 7News Melbourne tonight, promoting the new Law & Order Sunday line up, complete with the “dun-dun” sound effect.


Johnson, I wouldn’t have taken your comment seriously, until I saw this. Makes it authentic now TM :wink: :joy:



Hopefully they’ll get Criminal Intent eventually too (from Nine) and can air the trio. Chris Noth’s character (captured above - an OG L&O OG) returned some 10 years later but to CI instead and teamed up with Annabella Sciorra and then Julianne Nicholson (recently acclaimed in Mare of Easttown with Kate Winslet) and he was later replaced by Jeff Goldblum. Noth also famously did “Mr Big” alongside SJP in Sex and the City in-between L&O stints.

Seems like the show is a better fit to 7Two rather than 7Flix.


I see what you mean, but I think they’re trying to target a young demographic and would be in-line with 7flix’s former long-running and regularly solid rating ‘Criminal Minds’ Thursday marathon. Whereas 7Two goes for much older and is nearly all ‘British’ (as opposed to American procedurals). I’d back them, at least on their conceptual strategy, as they historically have the strongest m/c suite.

It could also be a longer-term play, as 7flix on Sundays has struggled in recent years to gain traction with constantly changing line-ups, often barely or even below 1% against the might of the week’s best reality show episodes on main channels.

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And Noth has now been cancelled.

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Yes, fair point actually. Fall from grace. And he was just in hit (at least over there momentarily) “The Equalizer” show, which Nine aired.

I noticed flix was on point last night on the half-hour with Law & Order and with SVU - 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30. Not something you see with scheduling these days.

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Why aren’t FG and AD on Seven yet? Surely they’ll have to have new episodes soon.

We’re not sure they will return, we’re waiting to see, it’s been discussed Simpsons/ FG/ AD stopped airing suddenly last week and the latter two a month or two back and could be something to do with a Seven output expiring and no longer (via Disney) being allowed to renew or wish not to…