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Surely 3 episodes of TBBT in a night is enough for anyone. Tune in at any point and you won’t see a repeat (of a repeat).

Networks get free re-runs for the same episodes within a short period of time (not sure how short). It happens a lot on the multi’s.

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Is it a ratings tactic, to try to bump an episodes ratings up for advertisers of 7flix during those programs?

Uh, no. Did you read the post immediately above yours? I’ll give you a clue - read the second paragraph.


As in the program supply agreement, is that what we are referring to here?

Which markets is 7flix not available in yet?

Is it just Prime7/GWN7?

Does regional QLD receive the channel (as play-out is via BCM > MediaHub for the channel anyway)?

See grid here

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Yes, 7Flix has been broadcast in Regional QLD since the day it first launched.


Haven’t watched a single program on it since it was launched . Am in regional Qld.

Aside from a few moments or flicking through the channels, I don’t think I’ve ever watched 7Flix since it was launched.

I’m well aware that the chances of this happening (at least in the foreseeable future) are very slim to none for reasons that don’t need explaining, but personally I think I’d prefer all markets having both Seven and 7mate in HD over 7Flix and a two tier system for HD broadcasting.


I’ve watched the odd movies on 7flix. It really is just a Seven overflow channel.

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###Grey’s Anatomy

Returning Monday 27 March at 8:30PM with double episodes

Season 13 - Episode 10 and 11


It should be renamed to 7 Chix (as in female “chicks” ) to complement 7 mate (blokes)

7 Flix makes it sound like a streaming service.

Although saying to someone “I’m watching 7 Chix” sounds weird .

I guess the name came from the two words, chick flicks and they couldn’t offend people with calling it 7 Chicks/chix.

Not from where I’m from.


Because the concept of a female doesn’t exist in your basement?


Another idea


[quote=“matlock, post:925, topic:341, full:true”]your basement?

I think you’ll find that it’s owned by my Mum.


7 Chux with female skewed shows like The Real Housewives of Auckland, 800 Words repeats as well as Aussie favourites like Winners and Losers .

Well, I mean I do love movies (obvs), hence I watch 7flix a bit on weekends :wink:

I’ve never watched 9Life once.

I’ve never watched any of the infomercial channels.

I very rarely watch Racing.com.

I’ve got into SBS a little in recent months.

With a line-up like that 7 Chux would wipe the floor against the competition.


Can we move on from this please?

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