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According to last week’s Green Guide, the program was My Crazy Birth Story.

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As posted above by @TV.Cynic.

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yes thanks @killy06 :+1:

So much for that then…

Maybe 7Flix should rebrand as a movie channel .


Would Seven somehow be able to find a way to broadcast it in MPEG4 HD, if so?

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In the highly unlikely chance that any Seven Network multichannel becomes a MPEG4 HD one anytime soon, surely it’s gotta be 7mate for the sports coverage?

I think before that happens they’ll want to get 7food Network to MPEG4

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Promo aired last night for “Wednesday movies on 7flix” with highlights of various movies. A throwback to promos used when the channel first launched.

Also suggests Tuesday schedule is changing again, as movies currently occupy that night too.

Buried away at 10:30pm again

In Double Episodes i Hope?

7flix’s new early evening line-up (Monday-Thursday):


I don’t understand why Seven doesn’t sell their rights to HTGAWM and Grey’s Anatomy to Netflix seeing that they have no intention of treating these two shows well.


Can they do that? Pretty sure Netflix (Au) would have to speak with Disney, as the rights would’ve been licenced very differently. Seven have had Grey’s since their original Disney outputs, dating back to their ratings spike in mid-2000s with Desperate Housewives, LOST, etc.

NB/ They’re wasting Scrubs as another example (from the same old expired output), buried away on 7flix at midnight.

Scrubs is on Stan if people really wanted to binge and yes before someone tells me I know streaming and broadcast rights are different.

I wish Seven would give up rights to It’s Always Sunny though, good show , terrible timeslot when it does air.

Problem with Sunny is it is quite hit and miss. Some great episodes but others are just crass.

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Seven changing up 7flix Sundays yet again, looks like trying to capitalise on 7Food Network best rating shows “Gordon Ramsay” but on a bigger reached/rating channel? My bet is movies will be back next week if this barely pulls 1% tonight, but if makes key demos and/or around 2%+, looks like a success

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Re: Simpsons

Saw an update to this promo with an episode where Homer is singing The Spice Girls “Wannabe” on a boombox over his shoulder. This was on 7mate too.

Seems Seven pushing out the promos for this new line-up, trying to re-capture 10’s old 6pm (Simpsons) young audience perhaps? It’s looks to have already been successful, shooting to No. 1 in 16-39s for multi-multi-channels one or two times last week.

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