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Quantity = Quality apparently.


Good luck to the poor person having to cut down a 3 & 1/2 hour live program to fit into a 2 hour window…

Don’t understand why 7Bravo wouldn’t just air the coverage live and having Sunrise & The Morning Show promote it when they inevitably cover the Met Gala during their programs.


But it’s not live coverage - the “Live” is misleading as it just part of the name “Live From E!”. The program is about 8 hours later than the broadcast.


If you don’t want to wait until this afternoon, you can watch the live streaming of Live from E!: The Met Gala on YouTube.


The grass is growing well today! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Real Housewives of Miami - Season 6

From Tuesday 21 May 8:30pm

Lisa navigates a new relationship while battling through her divorce; Alexia hosts a party in hopes of bringing the group back together, but her husband is MIA; Guerdy receives a devastating health update that will affect her life forever.

The Witnesses

From Friday 31 May 9.30pm 4 episodes

After receiving leaked documents, reporter Trey Bundy sets out to expose a cover-up of child sexual abuse among the Jehovah’s Witnesses; when he meets abuse survivors and an attorney fighting for justice, he learns the conspiracy goes much deeper.


Orlando Bloom: To The Edge

From Wednesday 5 June 9:30 PM 3 episodes

Actor and adventure enthusiast Orlando Bloom embarks on a physical, mental and spiritual journey of self-discovery as he undertakes three extreme sports – wingsuiting, free diving and rock climbing – to push himself to the edge of what is possible. With family, friends and his spiritual Buddhist practice guiding the way, Orlando is trained by experts who help him overcome obstacles, face his fears and discover valuable lessons about himself.


Is this just like the Sampson and Hemsworth shows?

Real Murders of Los Angeles

From Monday 3 June 8:30pm

Made in Chelsea: Corsica

From Saturday 8 June 10:30 pm

The gang wave goodbye to Chelsea and jet off for a summer of fun on the breathtaking island of Corsica. Having originally met French bombshell Jane in London, Miles rekindles things in paradise…

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The Real Housewives of Orange County (Season 17)

From Thursday 13 June 8:30pm

Southern Charm - Season 9

Saturday 22 June 9:30pm