It seems because you don’t like it, it’s wrong.


Or it seems I highlighted an issue on these boards on the actual day of the report, well before it was even publicly reported on, and then publicly responded to by the ABC?

And it seems that because you see a response from the ABC, you assume that the response is the “word from God” and therefore must be correct, and anyone who raised the issue simply can’t handle the totally.objective.ABC.reporting. :roll_eyes:


In any case, I’ll leave you with this:

regular church attendance made men less likely to be violent.

Now, if I was an objective reporter at the ABC, I would have noted that conclusion and probably though “hang on, is it appropriate to be doing a report of this kind with this MAJOR RESEARCH CONCLUSION added in as a little tidbit”?

I certainly would NOT have been harassing a priest as to whether or not he preaches about domestic violence.

When the conclusion was regular church attendance made men less likely to be violent, why were priests interview in an accusatory manner about what they preach?

How about you answer me that.


I found the report objective, concise and balanced. If the same report was against Islam, I would’ve felt the same way. Unfortunately I don’t think you would.


Oh, crapola you did. You would have said something after I posted about it then. You only have your 2c now because you see the ABC has launched a public attack back.

See, the problem is, people just love to rile up Christians, right-wingers, and people they generally hate, without any regard for logic - and the ABC had a major problem in this regard.


Nope. Don’t agree with you. Sorry


Actually, it’s the research conclusions you’re not agreeing with.

regular church attendance made men less likely to be violent.


LOL, I’m not some Pauline Hanson caricature.

I’m an educated adult and as such I dissect and analyse what is presented in front of me - I don’t switch on my automatron “the ABC is always objective” mantra…


Don’t put words in my mouth (despite the fact this is a text based service). Anyway, I’ve said what I needed to. Continue arguing, I wont be responding.


And the same goes for right wingers wanting to rile up left wingers as well. Get over it.


…but I didn’t just produce a report on the taxpayer funded broadcaster attacking the preachings of priests, when the conclusion of research was that more regular church attendance actually made men less likely to be violent…

What disregard for logic have I made? You can’t just twist around a statement to apply to something else if it doesn’t make sense, lol.


See, if the ABC was truly fair, objective and balanced, as EuroKick claims it was in this instance, the line of questioning would have been:

Father XYZ, research shows that people attending church more regularly and hearing your (collective) preachings are actually less likely to be violent…therefore, what are you doing right, what can we learn from you.

THAT is research based investigative reporting.

I know this issue throws up many topics that people hate on these boards (criticism of the ABC, defence of Christianity, and Firetorch being entirely reasonable, logical and as ever correct), but I’m standing my ground on this one - it was a complete hatchet job of a report.


So which one is it?

If you are always correct as you self proclaim, you wouldn’t exactly need to stand your ground on this would you.


I’m being entirely reasonable, logical and as ever correct, and that’s why I’m standing my ground.

I know you’d prefer talking me about me, but let’s just stick to 7:30, yeah? :slight_smile:


Fairfax reporting that 7.30 will be moved to 9.30 and Lateline axed.


It doesn’t sound like too bad an idea if it’s implemented correctly.

Pushing entertainment programming back to 7:30pm on the main channel might provide a larger lead in from the news, too.


Then Q&A and other shows would need to move nights or to 10pm.

I don’t mind the idea, as it means it could incorporate some headlines and then go into the meatier stuff and be a better news service for later at night. But it better not get another budget cut, and losing Lateline is a bit sad.


With the initial move of Lateline being its first sign of death, this hopefully means 7:30 will be on the way out permanently too, soon.

How sad that Leigh Sales has managed to damage this once great Australian broadcasting tradition. Of course, it’s become far-left niche trash in the last couple years, so no surprise viewers have dropped off in droves.


Bit shit really, no matter the ratings it was doing good investigative work. Last week for example their investigation into nursing home mistreatment of the elderly. A shame but if the audience isn’t there…

edit: https://twitter.com/albericie/status/893826683370840064


Let’s be fair here, 7:30 has done some great stories of lately. I think this is quite sad that the program itself is being discarded to a late slot.

To be fair Leigh doesn’t need to damage the ABC or it’s brands under it’s umbrella, the ABC management are doing that on their own.

From my perspective, doesn’t look good to me.