6iX Perth

This new promo for 6ix new breakfast program "good morning Perth "
This would have to be the first commercial for 6ix for years on tv

Will be interesting to see how this impacts ratings-wise. Might get some pull from disenfranchised 96FM listeners, perhaps Mix too?

According to the Radio Today article about the TVCs, it will, at least initially, only be seen on the Ten Network channels (Ten, Eleven, One) in Perth, mainly due to Tim Gossage being the sport presenter for Ten Eyewitness News in Perth.

Also, 6iX has recently done the “Summer 1000” countdown, which its full list can be seen on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153626125970376.1073741831.61390150375&type=3

In deed they did some real classic songs in that list
In fact every song is a classic "forever classic "

Let’s be honest 6ix ratings are under 5% I can’t see any impact to fm stations maybe 6pr and 720 with Eion Cameron about to leave in the coming weeks

When Cruise can get over 10% at times in Adelaide, there’s no reason that 6IX with the right format and promotion couldn’t make big improvements in their share.

It should be noted that, unlike Cruise, 4KQ, Magic & 2CH, 6iX is still the only metro commercial AM music station (apart from 3MP) to not be streaming online (sister stations 2CA & 3GG have already switched its online streaming back on in November), which would partly be the reason why 6iX’s ratings are lower than the likes of Cruise & 4KQ in markets of similar size to Perth.
According to a comment on their Facebook page, 6iX is hoping to switch its online streaming back on within the next couple of months.

I don’t think AM stations really try to compete with FMs.
Music wise they are at a clear disadvantage so they know they have to do something different.

Question for the Perth folk. 2CA and the other Forever Classic stations on their top of the hour station ID’s have "From the top of Black Mountain (or another prominent geographical feature for the local area). As 6IX don’t stream, I am unable to hear them, do they do the same over in Perth? What does theirs say?

With Tim Gossage joining 6IX this year, I wonder if there is any chance of 6IX taking Crocmedia’s AFL Live this year? It’s a long shot with Perth being a capital city and all (although 2SM Sydney run it on Grand Final day each year), but I wonder because Tim usually calls Perth-based matches for SEN Melbourne…these are usually twilight games and the coverage of the twilight games is shared between SEN and AFL Live. Given that 6IX is a Capital Radio station and therefore half-owned by Grant Broadcasters, and a number of Grant stations take AFL Live, you can at least see why I would be wondering.

If nothing else, it would probably improve 6IX’s weekend ratings.

Of course the fly in the ointment there is Drew Morphett is a regular caller for 6PR and occasional caller for AFL Live and I can’t imagine 6PR being happy with him calling footy for a competing station in the market, but that’s something I would imagine would get sorted out afterwards, and only if 6IX take the footy.

Seems all’s not well at 6iX…

‘Beef’ Stu Endersby the program director also left earlier.

Would be a good idea if Blyton/Camerons had a sustainable budget to retain staff and promote sufficiently.

Will Broadway and Gossage stay?

With changes to media law are they preparing for a sale?

Could someone explain why everyone considers 6iX as an AM station but in the ads it also gives an FM frequency?

Isn’t the FM frequency just a repeater covering some suburbs? The station is primarily AM.

Correct. 105.7 only covers Joondalup and Rockingham but if you have a good radio it gets over most suburbs.

The Wanneroo (Joondalup) repeater is 4000W so covers most of the northern suburbs, but the Rockingham repeater is only 500W so doesn’t give anywhere near a good coverage of the southern suburbs.

6IX on 1080 AM is only 2000W, which is significantly less power than the other AM staionts: 6PR and News Radio at 10,000W, Radio National at 20,000W and ABC Local Perth at 50,000W.
The 2000W puts them at the same power as the 2 HPON licenses.

Not sure why they have such low power compared to the other stations.

No wonder their ratings never seem to budge

Aren’t they omnidirectional? Therefore limited to 2kW on AM

Most commercial stations in WA are OD 2kW on AM. It’s very strange that none have higher power with directional antennae. A very cheap approach to engineering seems to have been used with no forethought of coverage over urban electrical noise or wider area rural coverage.