64th TV Week Logie Awards 2024

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Since HYBPA returned a few weeks ago, some celebs have been asking Sam Pang if he would be returning as host for the upcoming Logies. In his usual vague answers, he would say “I haven’t been asked yet” and “will see what happens”. I do hope he returns.

I wonder how many people registered to be an “industry judge” (in the post before mine)? There’s been no reveals out there in which stars and shows have been put forward from the networks, that I know of. Nominations are revealed in four weeks time (24 June).

Am still not a fan of this new voting system. Why can’t it be a rough 50-50 ceremony of Popular Awards and Outstanding Awards, instead of combining them all. Once the nominations come out, do we public need to vote for every category to “reveal a winner”? Us voting for categories in News, Children’s Programs and Sporting Events is silly.

“I’m thrilled to return”: Sam Pang to host Logie Awards for second year after widespread praise

After a lauded turn as host last year, Sam Pang has been locked in to front the Logie Awards in August.

“Hosting the Logies last year was an amazing experience and I’m thrilled to return in 2024,” Pang said.

“Adding to the excitement Seven have also given me the green light to try new things this year so I’m really looking forward to displaying my under appreciated and severely undeveloped song and dance skills.”

Jeff Howard, chief executive officer of Seven West Media, said: “Sam Pang brought unabashed showbiz back to the Logies last year. We are delighted Sam is returning in August to host this year’s celebration of everything television.”

Nominations for this year’s TV Week Logie Awards will be announced on June 23.




Great appointment. Sam was brilliant last year.


Yep. Great news.


Didn’t see any mention on Sunrise? Seems like a missed opportunity for an exclusive.

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Yes it was mentioned in at least the last half hour.

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The nominations will be announced at 5pm AEST.

UPDATE: Peter Ford said on 3AW this morning that he believed Denise Drysdale and Kerri-Anne Kennerley had been shortlisted for this year’s Hall of Fame.


Just do both.


KAK is already in the Hall of Fame…


Peter must have forgotten about it.

I hope Denise gets inducted this time.


or more likely he made up rubbish about knowing a shortlist, what a shock


Thanks. I did think that was the case but figured it was just bad memory :rofl:

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4 names put forward for the Gold Logie per network? Why so little?

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The 2024 Logies nominations come out at 5pm today. I wonder who’ll be up for a gong, who will miss out, and i wonder what oddities there are in some categories.

Last years Gold Logie nominees were: Sonia Kruger, Hamish Blake, Julia Morris, Leigh Sales, Mark Coles Smith, Osher Gunsberg, Shaun Micallef. I can see the first three being nominated in the Gold and/or Presenter award. I can see the last four missing out. Will Tony Armstrong make an appearance?

Will any of the Neighbours stars make an appearance in the acting awards? Time will tell.

Let the annual Logies “bashing” start in an hours or so’s time…


That’s optimistic.

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Probably that one person who was in three episodes (Guy Pearce), and maybe one or two in the New Talent category.

Will he also go missing the next morning like in 2022?

Defiantly going to be there again, along with another big publicity campaign from Seven.

Nine would lose it if he wasn’t nominated.

Better than any of Nine and Seven’s favourites.

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Does the Gold Logie have to be a person? If not - Bluey. Colin from Accounts should get a few nomns - acting, drama, comedy.

Based on how these awards often seem to go, Denise Drysdale for best new talent :wink:


Would it qualify? The episodes only started dropping a few weeks ago?