64th TV Week Logie Awards 2024

There’s a one-liner in the below article regarding the Logies. The Head of Seven’s Scheduling says that the Logies will air AFTER the Olympics.

Sunday, 11 August is the Closing Ceremony, which means it will air after that. The 2023 Logies was held on 30 July.

It’s airing later and later for the last decade. Either air them before Easter (so the awards can be for the previous calender year), or air them at the end of the year. July and August are just random.

It will be six+ months until the awards, and probably 4-5 months until the nominations come out.


They should have it at the end of year, early December-ish, after the networks have finished new programs for the year (Bar news shows, sport and ABC shows). Or have it during the Easter ratings break (if that’s still a thing with VOZ)


I would rather they held it at the start of the year so that it covered all the previous calendar year’s shows.

Cut off should be Christmas and then voting starts in the summer non-ratings period and the Logies held in last week of February or first week of March.


Agreed should be Q2


Agree. Ideally should be cut off at least end of the ratings period (at the earliest) with voting by the public in January. Nominations being mid February, with the awards mid to late March.

Eligabilty of shows and dates are out of whack over the last few years.

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Most of the Popular and Outstanding categories will be merged into a Best category.

The remaining 20 awards will be named ‘Best’ to combine the previous ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Most Outstanding’ categories. Changes include separating comedy from drama in the acting categories and adding a second news award.

Drama has been separated out from miniseries and telemovie, and the comedy and reality categories will be split into Scripted Comedy and Comedy Entertainment, and Competition Reality and Structured Reality, respectively.

The winners of the Best Awards will be determined by a combined score from a judging panel, viewing data and Australian public votes.

Viewing data: Looks like some attempt to placate Seven that complained that their shows were beaten by ones with lower ratings. Can’t imagine how this will work or what the weighting will be.

Update: The weighting is:

The winners of the 20 Best TV WEEK Logie Awards will be determined by a combined score as judged according to the assessment criteria (30%), audience data (20%) and number of Australian public votes (50%).


  1. TV WEEK GOLD LOGIE – Most Popular Personality on Australian Television
  2. TV WEEK LOGIE – Hall of Fame Award
  3. Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter
  4. Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent
  5. TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Best Lead Actor in a Drama
  6. TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Best Lead Actress in a Drama
  7. TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Best Lead Actor in a Comedy
  8. TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Best Lead Actress in a Comedy
  9. TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Best Supporting Actor
  10. TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Best Supporting Actress
  11. TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE – Best News or Public Affairs Presenter
  12. Best Drama Program
  13. Best Miniseries or Telemovie
  14. Best Entertainment Program
  15. Best Current Affairs Program
  16. Best Scripted Comedy Program
  17. Best Comedy Entertainment Program
  18. Best Competition Reality Program
  19. Best Structured Reality Program
  20. Best Lifestyle Program
  21. Best News Coverage or Public Affairs Report
  22. Best Factual or Documentary Program
  23. Best Sports Coverage
  24. Best Children’s Program

Key dates

Official nominations announcement Monday 24 June 2024
Public voting commences Monday 24 June 2024
64th TV WEEK Logie Awards 2024 Sunday 18 August 2024


That confirms this year’s Logies will be held on the first Sunday after the Paris Olympics closing ceremony.

It’s a great idea to split the reality category into competition and structured categories. I think the two categories will include these shows as examples.

Competition reality: The Block, MasterChef, Australian Idol, Alone Australia, Australian Survivor, The Amazing Race Australia, The Bachelor Australia, The Voice
Structured reality: Married at First Sight, Farmer Wants a Wife, Space Invaders


Interesting changes. Hopefully for the better. So when the nominations come out, the public will vote for the winners in some or all of the categories?

Some good new categories too. Best Presenter (as normal) and News or Public Affairs Presenter is a good choice. As is splitting the reality shows into two. Best Scripted Comwdy, and Best Comedy Entertainment are good too


Seems like there will be a potentially fewer lesser known ABC, SBS and non-FTA winners based on the new award criteria - 70% on popularity and 30% the industry panel.


My guess would be that’s the aim of the exercise with the changes

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They’ve just stuffed up the whole awards concept again. Any award that is “Best” should be based on quality and NOT popularity.

Potentially you’re just going to have shows like Home and Away or Married at First Sight win every single year because their popularity and ratings will skew heavily in their favour. Who determines whether an actor is Lead or Supporting in a soap when they’re all credited equally? And all the quality shows on the ABC and streaming services won’t even be nominated because their ratings are so low.

The Logies are just utter rubbish now.


Totally a backward step - if 70% is from the popularity the awards should not be called “best”.

However, he nomination process will still see “unpopular” shows put forward by the networks. However, the audience number will be taken into account when working out the final list of nominees - at 40% of the input - 60% from the industry group. Will the audience data be reach or average :thinking:

The winners of the 20 Best TV WEEK Logie Awards will be determined by a combined score as judged according to the assessment criteria (30%), audience data (20%) and number of Australian public votes (50%).

-Nominees in each category will be decided based on the top six scores of the assessment criteria and audience data combined. Winners in each category will be determined by adding the score for public votes to the initial combined score for assessment criteria and audience data

Not sure how "best news coverage or public affairs report " is going work given these popularity criteria.

Not sure how you compare the audience for a program on a streaming platform.


They had done some good work in the last few years when they had a few categories removed from being popularity awards such as news, sport coverage and children’s programs which made a lot of sense. They just undud all that good work.

In my mind, the Logie Awards were at their best when there were a handful of Mosr Popular awards voted by the public and the majority were Best/Most Outstanding voted by the public.


I believe they should have about 11/12 Most Popular awards and a few more Best awards:

Most Popular Personality
Most Popular Actor
Most Popular Actress
Most Popular Presenter Male
Most Popular Presenter Female
Most Popular New Talent
Most Popular Scripted Drama/Comedy
Most Popular Entertainment/Panel
Most Popular Structured Reality Show
Most Popular Competition Reality Show
Most Popular Lifestyle Show

Then the rest should all be voted by the industry. If they’re deemed boring like News/Current Affairs/Sport Coverage then mention the winners on the night but don’t call them up on stage. Or present them on a different night and show a highlight.

Best Actor in a Drama
Best Actress in a Drama
Best Actor in a Scripted Comedy
Best Actress in a Scripted Comedy
Best Drama Program
Best Miniseries or Telemovie
Best Scripted Comedy Program
Best News Coverage or Public Affairs Report
Best Current Affairs Program
Best Factual or Documentary Program
Best Sports Coverage
Best Children’s Program
Hall of Fame


Agree that this is a step backwards. For 60+ years, the Logies were a mix of both Popular Awards, and Industry Awards. I don’t know why the sudden urge to merge them this year.

My take on the Popular Awards:
Gold Logie
Most Popular Actor
Comedy personality
New Talent
Most Popular Drama Series
Comedy Program (scripted)
Entertainment Panel Show
Reality Comp Show
Reality Structured/Factual Program
Lifestyle Show

As what jbar as posted above. Some awards can be presented as “as shown earlier in the night” if they find them as weak categories.

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Awards are 18 August, and nominations come out 24 June? So there will be nearly three months of voting? That is way too long. Don’t nominations come out around four (or so) weeks from the awards? In general?

Also, I wonder what the eligibility period is for these awards.

Last years awards were held on 31 July 2023. The edibility period for these awards (for shows and cast) were from 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2023. These awards period would be longer, i assume? From 1 April 2023 until end of May 2024?

Eligibility period is 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.


News / Public Affairs Presenter is an interesting award. Takes away from the “main” presenter award, which goes to the likes pf Hamish Blake, Sonia Kruger, Scott Cam etc.

Presenters from Sunrise, Today, The Project, 7.30, Q&A, Insight, Insiders etc get a chance of a nomination. Would The Morning Show and Today Extra get a potential nom too, or go to the generic presenter award?

Lifestyle Award: Gardening Australia, Better Homes and Gardens, Selling Houses, and perhaps Ready Steady Cook will be nominated. Space Invaders a lifestyle show too? Would The Garden Hustle make a surprise inclusion too? The lifestyle genre is “big” on Friday nights, Saturday nights, and daytime tv. Not as big as its heyday of the likes of Backyard Blitz, Ground Force, Surprise Chef, Burkes Backyard etc

Just under two months

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Oops. Thanks for spotting my mistake.

Just under two months of voting is okay then.