63rd TV Week Logie Awards 2023

Yet, the AACTA Awards went from Sydney to the Gold Coast from next year onwards. So its a tie now? Lol.

From memory, GTV9 produced it in-house.



to whoever designed this logo… it looks like “LOGE” :roll_eyes:


Next to none news articles since early March. So thought id ask in here… (there’s not even an official Logies website…)

With the 2023 Logies being just over two month away, do we have any details of the upcoming ceremony? We know it will be in Sydney, but has a venue been locked in yet? Theatre centres at either Star City or Darling Harbour?

I wonder what the timeframe is for show/cast to be nominated? Is it May 2022 until April 2023? Thinking Networks put in their submissions this month to the Logies organisers, and the nominations come out in early to mid June? Recent Dramas like 10’s North Shore and SBS’ Safe Home would probably be considered for next year? I hope shows that aired mid last year (like The Twelve) aren’t forgotten.

Looking at last years awards, i do hope that they get rid of the “Most Popular Australian Actor or Actress in an International Program”. Its such an unnecessary award. And that they put forward The Front Bar into the Entertainment category rather than the News Panel category. I can’t see the Sports Program award coming back anytime soon.

Any host been rumoured to host?