62nd TV Week Logie Awards 2021-22

A rumor going around that there may be changes to the Gold Logie this year, with 2 people per network will be eligible for the Gold (2 from Seven, Nine, Ten, ABC, SBS and Foxtel). A shortlist of 12 people, then the public will vote. All speculation at the moment - as it is from Peter Ford after all.

Id only have main presenters and actors/actress eligible for the Gold. Ie - no weather presenters (like Sam Mac going for Gold in 2019), no reality judges etc

When does voting start anyway? March? April? Assuming that the Logies will still be held late June/early July again?


That’s a stupid idea. If a network has no quality actors/presenters, they’ll still get two nominations in the race? :crazy_face: And what about Pay TV and streaming services?

No, this ridiculous.

I would not have the texting/online/phone voting at the end. It should all be based on people voting initially, in all the categories.

it’s a silly suggestion from that article to begin from! It’s ridiculous!

Yes, the Logies needs some minor tweaking, not a major overhaul like this.

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Also Tom Gleeson thing, he is a popular personality so it’s not like it was some nobody from a show that aired at 2am. Just because some didn’t like his way of getting votes, doesn’t mean he’s not a valid winner. He hosts a highly rated prime time show. Just like most of the previous winners except Karl.


And these suggestions wouldn’t stop him from winning. He’s a host of a TV show and he was the one of two from the ABC nominated last year.


i was happy that Tom Gleeson won the Gold last year. He hosts a popular weekly show. We don’t have many variety presenters on our screens these days.

And we haven’t had the Gold Logie filled up full of soapie stars like we did in the 90s and early 2000’s. I though we were going in the right direction (overall) with the nominations.

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Exactly. Whether we like him or not, Tom Gleeson is part of at least two fairly popular primetime programs (Hard Quiz & The Weekly) on the ABC’s main channel.

Even the year before last with Tom’s “Grant Denyer for Gold” campaign, it’s not as if he pushed for some obscure personality from a multichannel to win Gold…even though I (and probably many people here) would really like to see that happen if only to prove just how much of a joke the Logies really are!

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At least Tom Gleeson is actually funny and likeable, unlike some of the previous winners (cough Scott Cam cough).

He deserved that win last year because he’s a great host and a quality comedian.


Imagine if the 2020 Gold Logie Nominees looked like this:
Manu (AGT / MKR); Nicole Scherzinger (Australia’s Got Talent judge); Tony Jones (Nine News Sports); Freddie Flintoff (Australian Warrior Ninja); Lindsay Lohan (The Masked Singer); Tim Bailey (Ten News weather);

WFT is going on? My above Gold Logie joke may come true afterall…A big Logies overhaul is coming:

sigh :frowning:

(2020 Logies Nominations announced: Sunday, May 24; Ceremony: Sunday, June 28)

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Just when you thought the Logies couldn’t get any worse. So TV ratings are going to factor into the equation. :poop: Can’t wait for a MAFS contestant to win a Gold Logie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And who said we needed a category like: Most Popular Australian Actor or Actress in an International Program. :roll_eyes:


I thought the returning of Most Popular Commercial last was went far enough. Now, we have Most Popular Australian Actor or Actress in an International Program? An award absolutely no one asked for.

The MAFS narrator is to win the Gold (is it still Georgie Gardner?) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I remember they used to have Most popular international show

I know you’re joking, but it sadly wouldn’t overly surprise me if someone from MAFS became a Gold Logie nominee!

Your previous suggestion of Tim Bailey for Gold was hilarious! Although I’d probably prefer to see Mike Dalton and/or Alan Raskall representing Nine…

I think the 2017 season was the last one GG narrated, although I never watch MAFS so don’t really know the ins and outs of things like their choice of narrator!

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Seeing as the Logies are making changes, it’s a shame they couldn’t extend that creativity to the Logies logo…








Logies organisers have confirmed that Most Popular Television Commercial will again be recognised in this year’s awards.

sigh. I was hoping that this award would disappear. I was, and still am, never a fan of the Most Popular Commercial award.

It is Melinda Zahra, who has been executive producer of Carols by Candlelight for the past four years and My Room Telethon last year.

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It would be interesting to see if we ever get to see which 5 stars and programs each network sends through for each category. Instead of the 6 nominations in a few months time.

Seven could still put through Sam Mac as their Gold Logie choice, claiming he “hosted” the Fire Fight Concert (despite being just the roaming reporter) and “hosting” Sunrise, despite just being the weather guy. The Concert rated very highly, which is one of the new criteria in being nominated…