60th TV Week Logie Awards 2018

Hearld Sun is reporting that after more than 50 years of hosting the Logies in Melbourne, the Victorian Government has withdrawn its bid to host the 2018 TV Week Logies.

The event will most likely be held in Queensland from next year.


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It will have been better to celebrate the 60th anniversary in Melbourne next year before going interstate.
Brisbane or Gold Coast will host the Logies. Both cities have a large scale convention centre in place, plus ample accommodation.


Along with the change of location, hopefully there’ll also be major changes to other elements of the awards next year.


new producers?

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Let’s just cancel it


Why should government be subsidising it anyway?

The Commonwealth Games finish up on Sunday the 15th of April. So the Logies would probably be on the following Sunday (22nd of April). And the Logies this year was held on the 23rd of April.

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Logies page 1 - N Korea test new bomb - page 2.


I feel as though Nine Network has been telecasting the Logies for the past 20 consecutive years, but I do think it’s time for a change of broadcaster. Channel 9 holds the record for the most editions of Logies broadcasts.


Good. If it has to continue, they need to revamp and change the whole thing up. Nothing should be the same as anything done in the last say, 25 years.


Sad to see it go, but as the Minister said, it’s for the best.

I agree it’s unfortunate next year is the diamond anniversary :confused:

But if true RE: QLD it ties in nicely with the huge event that is the Comm Games.


Mostly because Seven and Ten have been largely ambivalent to covering them. Nine has traditionally been the only one that saw any value in the investment, even when TV Week was being published by interests connected with Channel 7.


Bert’s fear is if they leave Melbourne the Logies will never come back. He has totally forgotten that the Logies have been in Sydney a handful of times.


Move it to Ten and get @blackbox to produce it. Then it will be a proper celebration of TV!


I remember Greg Evans hosting the Logies on Ten. It was a shemozzle and amongst the worst.

Yes, it would be better from Ten now.

I think alot of the metro media have missed it but Tourism NSW has a bid in to host the logies at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre of all places :wink:

I’m pretty sure that was a pisstake bid we heard about earlier in the year.

Apparently, the 2018 Logies are still happening in Melbourne and it’s the following year that it is no longer subsidised by the state government.


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No, its a serious bid - Destination NSW want it for three years, in three different locations

Except nobody took it seriously.