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congrats on 5 years, @Leo_Puglisi6 and team! Such an accomplishment


Yeah great achievement ! Well done!


That was an awesome look back. It is incredible to see how far Leo has come in a short space of time.

It is hard to believe I have been watching almost from the start. I had found what was then the HMV YouTube channel and was amazed that someone so young was able to put together a professional bulletin with the limited resources Leo had at the time. Kudos to Leo’s dad for supporting him through the early days especially.

Look at where 6 News is now. It may have started as the Leo only show but it is now a team effort with a bunch of very talented people all making a name for themselves. This will, and has already, setup lifelong careers.

What was once Leo’s hobby is now mainstream. Every TV channel has featured Leo and/or 6 News on multiple occasions now. The one-on-one interviews with Morrison and Albanese are something traditional media can’t even get a lot of the time.

Congrats to @Leo_Puglisi6 and all of the 6 News team. It has been awesome to watch you all grow and become the professionals that you are. Looking forward to seeing where this is in another 5 years.


:100: I hope you won’t mind the comparison @Leo_Puglisi6 but between you and Friendlyjordies you’re the vanguard of online journalism in Australia.

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Congrats Leo. Great lookback - your team has come a long way. Big things ahead.


nicely played joke lol


Tuned into a live broadcast for the first time in a while and noticed something very odd! Why is a 6 News employee posting this on a broadcast live chat? Isn’t there internal communication channels available? Seems a bit unprofessional and almost like criticism of their own company. :thinking:


6 News has just aired its first ever face-to-face interview with a sitting Premier or chief minister in Australia. A massive effort to bring it all together. A couple of BTS pics below, plus a link to watch! @RomanMackinnon6


No lapel for Steven?

A great get but he really needed the lapel microphone on him, not the other way around.

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A bit unfair for him to be interviewed by all Young Liberal members