59th TV Week Logie Awards 2017

Voting for the 59th TV Week Logie Awards opens tomorrow.

The voting period from Monday November 21 – Sunday December 18 runs for half the duration of last year’s voting.

In 2017, there will be 27 Logies awarded, including a returning category Most Outstanding Factual Or Documentary Program.

The Logies are locked in for Sunday April 23, 2017 at Crown Casino, signalling the return of ratings after Easter.

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Good to see that the awards are being held earlier next year, although April 23 is still fairly late for an awards ceremony giving away trophies for the previous year in TV.

While I’m here, I’m already willing to predict that either one of Nine’s Footy Shows will win the award for Best/Most Popular Sports Program!

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It’s good that voting starts in the final week of ratings season while many programs are still fresh in viewers’ mind. However it also means shows like The Secret Daughter, Doctor Doctor, HYBPA, The Block and The Wrong Girl could get many votes.

Huh? So that shows which screened earlier in the year are disadvantaged?

Not much they can really do about that. Voting has always opened around November or December so that will always favour late year shows. Networks can always promote voting for earlier year shows.

Exactly. Which is why it shouldn’t matter whether voting opened before ratings finished or not. :slight_smile:

So for example, if Seven wants the likes of Molly and MKR to win, it needs to promote them now so people will remember to vote for them. Similarly for Ten in regards to I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and MasterChef.

Just voted at the Logies website. I notice two things:
Rob Collins was nominated for best new talent but not best actor. His co-star in The Wrong Girl Ian Meadows was nominated for best actor. Both men play lead roles in the same drama.
Adriano Zumbo was nominated for best new talent but Gigi Falanga missed out.

I think that apart from the Gold Logie, the best actor and best drama categories will be hotly contested.

Have they decided that new talent names can’t also be considered for best actor/actress?

They had some stupid rules like that last year too. It makes absolutely no sense to have those sorts of restrictions.

We all know that every year, there are inconsistency in the voting forms. This year is no difference. I’ve only had a quick look, and can find some. They are:

Fifi Box is up for Best Actress for her guest role in Neighbours, while seasoned actors Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne and Rebekah Elmaloglou aren’t there. Also for Neighbours, Jai Waelford and Sarah Ellen are up for New Talent, despite being on the show as guest roles.

Am surprised that Russell Dykstra isn’t listed for Best Actor for Rake, despite having a bigger role on the show this year. Neither is Matt Day. But their female counterparts are there (Adrienne Pickering, Caroline Brazier and Danielle Cormack), which is great.

Why is Here Come the Habibs there for Best Drama, while Upper Middle Bogan, Please Like Me and Rosehaven are listed in Best Entertainment?

Kate Ritchie is there in the Best Presenter award for her role in Play School 50th Anniversary, but others aren’t? Hmm! And James Tobin, who reads out the weather on Weekend Sunrise is there, but not Sam Mac on weekday Sunrise. Why?

im sure that there are others there too.


Indeed. How is there a difference between the Habibs and Bogan? Surely there are enough shows there now to warrant a Best Comedy category. We also had Comedy Showroom and Soul Mates that could be included.

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I don’t quite see why they have the imposed limit on the number of names that can be submitted by the networks for each category. It’s an online form so it’s not like page space is an issue.


When will someone put this piece of shit out with the rubbish

I also wonder why there is no best mini series for 2017? Surely we have enough entrants to make it a separate category -
Deep Water (SBS)
Molly (Seven)
Brock (Ten)
The Kettering Incident (Foxtel)
If the criteria was loosened a bit, even Wanted, The Wrong Girl and The Secret Daughter could have been included.

If they widened the criteria to longer series then that basically deems the Best Drama category obsolete as that reduces that category basically just to Neighbours and Home And Away.

Which probably answers why there is no dedicated mini-series category. The line between regular series and mini-series is being blurred by so many short-run series like the ones you mention.

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They’ve also completely forgotten to include Soul Mates in any category.

There are enough shows to have a separate Comedy category for:
Here Come the Habibs
Upper Middle Bogan
Please Like Me
The Family Law
No Activity
Soul Mates
Black Comedy
The Wizards of Aus

It’s ridiculous that these shows have to compete with shows like The Loop and Couch Time in Light Entertainment,


I agree. There are enough shows to include a separate Comedy Award. They used to have a separate Comedy Award in the 1990’s, when there were even less comedy programs out there. Why not have one now? Now this shows are up against The Loop and Couch Time, and this years Logies Awards too!

On another note - the Carols in the Domain is listed in the Entertainment Program category. The problem is, that voting closes in mid-December. So how can you vote for it, if it hasn’t even been on air? Not like im going to vote for it anyway. lol


Dannii Minogue has been appointed the first Logies ambassador for 2017 and will also be a judge for Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding Newcomer.

Maybe we are voting for last year’s event? lol

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And here’s another to put into the “TV Week is biased towards Home & Away” file. How the hell can Orpheus ledger be eligible for a Best New Talent Award? he has been a child actor since 2001.

He was a main character in the TV series CrashBurn in 2003 and a main character in the children’s series Silversun in 2005. He appeared in 37 episodes of Neighbours in 2011-2012. He should be ineligible for these alone.

But he has also been a guest in The Secret Life of Us, Marshal Law, McLeod’s Daughters, Blue Heelers, House Husbands, Welcher and Welcher, Schapelle, Scooter: Secret Agent.

So how can he be in the running for Best New Talent in 2016? For joining the cast of Home & Away? WTF?