Seven’s new channel - 7Paint. XD


Don’t know about you guys but I’m really going to miss Call and Win. It was a truly interactive experience, in that they interactively managed to rob me of about $200 when a mate thought it would be fun to redial the 1900 number a few hundred times to guess a fucking matchstick puzzle.


I don’t think I’ve had a phone that could dial a 190 number in years.

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The match sticks were my favourite puzzle, I hate the envelope ones as they’re always really obsecure answers. That show is still on Expo via Foxtel or if you’re super desperate you can watch it online from their website haha.


The EPG has been updated to say “Unavailable until further notice” although somehow, I don’t think that it’s going to come back… :confused:

Personally, I think it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for Seven to pull the plug on 4ME.

I assume they will re-allocate the spectrum.

…and it seems that Seven have now done that. 4ME has been taken off the multiplex.


Is it being used elsewhere?

I think the spare spectrum may be reserved for multichannels covering live sports of the Rio Olympic Games. After the Games the spectrum could be transferred to 7HD.

Seems the same here in Brissy.

Interesting. Maybe 4ME might disappear on a market by market basis?

Of course, I can confirm that it’s definitely off the multiplex in Sydney - “TV4ME” no longer appears after a rescan while the other Seven Network channels do.

Lol, seems my previous post was a bit ambiguous. I meant to say it has also gone from the multiplex here in Brisbane. :wink:

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