From TV Tonight: “Branded content channel 4ME, which datacasts shopping, health and religious content via Seven, has had its contract cancelled after production house Brand New Media called in administrators.”

This also impacts HbbTV station HealthyMEtv.

EDIT: More details via Mumbrella: “Mumbrella understands the contracts for those channels were terminated at midnight last night after the company called in administrators Dean-Willcocks Advisory, with six staff made redundant.”

They would have had more staff than viewers, surely


4ME is still working

Good to hear money isn’t being made. Hopefully the other shopping channels have the same fate.

Well at least 7 and prime now have plenty of room to put in 7 HD or in prime tv case, 7flix. This tv4me is one channel I will be happy to see it go

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I don’t really understand the purpose of running a channel dedicated to infomercials and things alike. It is for the revenue or something?

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its says on the screen will cease broadcasting @ midnight tonight

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Well that was quick.

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currently they are showing a old repeat of Psychic TV, and strangely they have taken down their facebook page

If the channel is shutting down I’m not surprised they’ve taken down the Facebook page

So much has changed in just ONE day. 4ME announces it enters administration, and Nine and WIN are no longer affiliates and spells the end for the WIN Television brand.

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Ishop TV now on 64 also.

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Where will the people demanding the return of TV4ME go!

I still maintain it is the best of the datacast channels - there was a decent amount of community TV there, not the wall to wall ads of the other ones.

I think the networks miss a trick by not giving community television content a go - Seven could easily grab some of the content that was on 4ME and other community TV content, bundle it with repeats of Seven News, supplement that with a small amount of extra updates, some news/weather tickers - and have ‘local’ channels - “Seven4Melbourne” rather than “TV4ME”.

They wouldn’t need to rate well, but things like local footy shows, shows for local ethnic communities, etc. which are now on community TV but likely won’t be by the end of the year, and already aren’t in Sydney or Seven’s regional Queensland markets.


I wonder if ishop will be shown in Metropolitan areas

Just past midnight, the channel still on the air. I was hoping to see a “dramatic” cut to black at 12.00 :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: unless it was just the Prime version being cut off at midnight?

It cut off Psychic TV mid-sentence, black screen for a few seconds, then picked up the iShop feed.

I was recording both 7 and Prime:

  • Prime - TV4ME’s stream stopped around midnight and LCN 64 became a redirect for ishoptv.
  • Seven - TV4ME is still broadcasting as at 12:14am. There was no notice that the channel would be discontinuing like Prime had.

Prime’s mux now has 1.5 Mbps of free bandwidth.


4ME definitely still on air via Seven in Melbourne. Leading the Way on air as scheduled.

They obviously didn’t see that coming.