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Horrible that money isn’t being made? If these shopping were successful it would’ve meant more shopping channels, and more shopping channels equals less bandwidth for normal channels. Something has to give and I’m sorry that 6 people have lost their job.

More jobs can be created by utilising that bandwidth for better purposes ie HD

So 4ME will continue in non-regional areas?

nope its closed down everywhere

I’m pretty sure that 4ME has only ceased transmission in Prime7 regions. Still on air in Sydney (and I presume all capital city/regional QLD markets that get Seven O&O stations) right now.

I’m looking for some confirmation of when they will be taking off 4ME on channel 74 in Metro Areas. I know it will happen, just need to know when. Any information would be helpful.


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Apparently at the end of this month, if you want to believe info (operators of the channel paying Seven to broadcast 4ME up until the end of May) that’s been posted to the Austech forums.

Although somehow, I would not be terribly surprised if there’s another home shopping channel out there that’s just waiting to take 4ME’s spot on the Seven Network multiplex.

You’d think YESSHOP would be keen on an FTA expansion?

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Yes, I saw the thread over at Austech. I’ve asked the poster to confirm the information as the source was unclear.

Not sure about another shopping channel if that same poster is to be believed…

I’m sure ishoptv will end up replacing 4ME on the metro Seven stations.

Anyone heard any news on a cut-off date for 4ME on channel 74 metro? Must be getting closer… May 31 or May 27? Something else?

I had 4ME right up until last night as I’m in a metro area, looks like it might’ve been switched off today. My TV is displaying a message saying ‘TV4ME Channel is unavailable’ with a blue background and the logo.

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…and here’s a capture of that slide, which looks so dodgy that I think it would be torn to shreds if posted in the mocks section of the forum:

Farewell TV4ME via Seven, December 1, 2011 to May 18, 2016. You certainly will not be missed!

But aside from that commentary, I wonder if Seven might do a reshuffle of the LCNs once 4ME is pulled off for good? I’m also hoping means we’re one step closer to getting Seven HD in Sydney, Brisbane/Gold Coast and Perth but I’m not holding my breath for that!


Wow 4 and a half years… 4 and a half years we won’t get back :stuck_out_tongue:


You know what’s a good idea? Centering your text.

I can do better in MS Paint, and that’s without exaggerating.


While I agree that many will not miss 4ME from our screens, it was one of the datacast channels that actually did have some non-infomercial content in it.


Fair point I suppose.

Anyway, it appears that the channel was supposed to go off air on Sunday (if the EPG is anything to go by) but the switch has been flicked early.

So what now for LCN74?

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Don’t you like the bad MS Paint creation channel?