3D Broadcasting

A memorable technical aspect of the London Olympics was the (probably never to be repeated) 3D broadcasts.

Including promos

Big Brother promo included Nine News, ACA and Today in 3d :slight_smile:


Still remember the 3D channel allocated for LCN 95 which is now 9GEMHD

Transmission notice

There was also a SD loop on LCN 96 directing viewers to the channel.

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Think we can safely say that 3D was about as successful as Betamax, AM stereo and HD-DVD. Which is not very.


Yes. (Although the later professional Betacam versions of Betamax were a success).

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Yep. LG & Sony (the last two manufacturers) stopped producing 3D television sets in 2017, after Samsung pulled out in 2016:

Although it was pretty much on the way out when Foxtel axed their 3D channel in 2013, just a year or so after the London Olympics trial on Australian FTA.

Maybe the idea of 3DTV could be revived at some point in the future if there’s a way to have it which doesn’t require tacky glasses or give you headaches/eye strains while watching, but even then I’m not sure if the general public will buy it after a number of failed attempts to sell 3D as the way of the future going as far back as (at least) the Early 1980s for TV and even longer than that in cinemas. Also while there may be some merit in having 3D for movies, sport and the odd special, do we really want to watch the 6pm news in 3D?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


State of Origin was the first sporting event in Australia to introduce a 3D telecast.

Back in September 2010, The Seven Network announced that they would broadcast the AFL Grand Final in 3D. As well as this, the Seven Network also introduced another sister channel, 7mate on the AFL Grand Final Day.
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