2023 Ratings predictions

Post your predictions for ratings in 2023.

The 2023 OzTAM Calendar has been released. The year commences Sunday 1 January and will run for 52 weeks until Saturday 30 December (the 2022 year was 53 weeks)

The ratings period will start in week 7 on 12 February and run until 2 December with the Easter break running 2 - 15 April.

No Olympics or Comm Games this year!


Thanks for posting tthe schedule for the 2023 Ratings Year.

The calendar fell right for 2023 ratings wise, starting on a Sunday (Jan 1), and ending on Dec 30.

With no major sportong events, it will be tough atm to see who wins the actual ratings season.

My predictions: 10 will still struggle on 99% of Saturday nights. And most Friday nights.

Interesting to see the ratings period start and end one week later than previous years.


My first daily prediction for 2023 :smile:

Sunday January 1
BBL: Renegades v Scorchers 0.29m
BBL: Heat v Sixers 0.32m

60 Minutes Summer 0.39m
RBT 0.31m
Movie: Deep Impact Rpt 0.17m
United Cup night 4 (9Gem) 85,000

The Dog House UK Christmas special premiere 0.16m
The Graham Norton Show NYE special 0.27m
Movie: The Gentlemen premiere 0.16m

Monday January 2
BBL: Hurricanes v Strikers 0.26m

United Cup night 5 0.18m

Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark Rpt 0.22m
Movie: Transformers: Dark of the Moon Rpt 85,000

Tuesday January 3
BBL: Stars v Renegades 0.35m

United Cup night 6 0.22m

Movie: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Rpt 0.23m
Movie: Transformers: Age of Extinction Rpt 68,000

Wednesday January 4
Third Test: Australia v South Africa
session 1: 0.37m, session 2: 0.45m, session 3: 0.54m
BBL: Sixers v Heat 0.27m
BBL: Scorchers v Thunder 0.32m

Escape to the Chateau 0.29m
Dream Listing Byron Bay 0.19m
Secrets of the Superyachts series premiere 0.14m
United Cup night 7 (9Gem) 71,000

Movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Rpt 0.25m

Thursday January 5
Third Test: Australia v South Africa
session 1: 0.36m, session 2: 0.46m, session 3: 0.51m ← subject to rain delay
BBL: Strikers v Hurricanes 0.28m

Great Getaways 0.35m
Paramedics Rpt 0.24m

Movie: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Rpt 0.25m
Movie: The Bank Job Rpt 62,000

Saturday January 7
Third Test: Australia v South Africa
session 1: 0.18m (no play), session 2: 0.35m, session 3: 0.46m
Movie: A Dog’s Journey 0.26m
Movie: The Sapphires Rpt 0.18m

United Cup night 8 0.17m

NCIS: Los Angeles season premiere 86,000
FBI: International Rpt 65,000
FBI: International new (episode 2 of season 1) 56,000

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Sunday January 8
Third Test: Australia v South Africa
session 1: 0.36m, session 2: 0.48m, session 3: 0.54m
BBL: Thunder v Sixes 0.31m

United Cup final 0.19m

The Sunday Project season premiere 0.15m / 0.22m
The Graham Norton Show 0.26m
NCIS: Hawaii 0.21m

Monday January 9
The Project (including Prince Harry interview) 0.23m / 0.42m
The Bachelor Australia season premiere 0.47m
Movie: Second Act Rpt 0.12m

Home and Away season premiere 0.54m
Harry: The Interview 0.36m
Movie: A Star is Born Rpt 0.15m
BBL: Hurricanes v Stars (7mate) 0.12m

RBT 0.33m

Tuesday January 10
Home and Away 0.51m
BBL: Strikers v Renegades 0.32m

Travel Guides Rpt 0.36m
Movie: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Rpt 0.24m

The Bachelor Australia 0.29m

Wednesday January 11
Home and Away 0.47m
BBL: Heat v Scorchers 0.32m

The Bachelor Australia 0.28m
Fire Country series premiere 0.15m

Tennis Plays for Peace premiere special 0.25m

Thursday January 12
Home and Away 0.45m
BBL: Stars v Strikers 0.31m

Great Getaways 0.33m
Paramedics Rpt 0.22m
Casualty 24/7 season premiere 0.12m

Ambulance Australia Rpt 0.29m
Law & Order: SVU season premiere 0.22m
The Murder of Grace Millane premiere special 0.15m

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Monday 9 January
The Bachelors Australia - 500k
Second Act (rpt) - 150k

RBT - 325k
Queen: Days of Our Lives - 310k
Adelaide INternational - 67k (on 9GO!)

Home and Away Return - 380k
Harry - The Interview - 330k
Big Bash League - 210k (on 7mate)

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Monday 9 January:

Home and Away (return): 390k
Harry Interview: 495k

RBT: 333k

The Project (inc Harry Interview): 200k (6.30pm)/ 300k (7pm)
The Bachelor Launch: 375k

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Sunday January 15
BBL: Hurricanes v Thunder 0.28m
BBL: Sixers v Scorchers 0.33m

60 Minutes 0.39m
McEnroe premiere special 0.26m

The Bachelor Australia 0.34m

Monday January 16
Australian Open day 1 0.14m
Australian Open night 1 0.27m
Australian Open night 1 late 0.18m

The Bachelor Australia 0.31m
Ghosts 0.19m
FBI: Most Wanted 0.12m

Home and Away 0.48m
BBL: Stars v Heat 0.31m

Tuesday January 17
Home and Away 0.48m
BBL: Sixers v Strikers 0.31m

Australian Open day 2 0.15m
Australian Open night 2 0.35m
Australian Open night 2 session 2 0.28m

The Bachelor Australia 0.29m

Wednesday January 18
Home and Away 0.46m
BBL: Scorchers v Hurricanes 0.31m

Australian Open day 3 0.22m
Australian Open night 3 0.41m
Australian Open night 3 session 2 0.29m

The Bachelor Australia 0.29m
Fire Country 0.12m

Thursday January 19
Australian Open day 4 0.17m
Australian Open night 4 0.41m
Australian Open night 4 session 2 0.34m

Home and Away 0.45m
BBL: Thunder v Renegades 0.23m

Friday January 20
Australian Open day 5 0.21m
Australian Open night 5 0.43m
Australian Open night 5 session 2 0.36m

Better Homes and Gardens Summer 0.34m
Movie: The Sound of Music Rpt 0.23m

The Graham Norton Show new 0.28m

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16 January 2023
Australian Open Night 1 — 675k

The bachelors — 323k

Home and Away — 385k
Big bash League — 307k

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Sunday January 22
Australian Open day 7 0.32m
Australian Open night 7 0.41m
Australian Open night 7 session 2 0.32m

BBL: Heat v Stars 0.26m
BBL: Scorchers v Renegades 0.33m

The Bachelor Australia 0.29m

Monday January 23
Australian Open day 8 0.22m
Australian Open night 8 0.63m
Australian Open night 8 session 2 0.41m

The Bachelor Australia 0.29m
Ghosts 0.14m / 0.12m
FBI: Most Wanted new 97,000

BBL: Hurricanes v Sixers 0.26m

Tuesday January 24
Australian Open day 9 0.23m
Australian Open night 9 0.46m
Australian Open night 9 session 2 0.35m

Home and Away 0.46m
BBL: Renegades v Strikers 0.27m

The Bachelor Australia 0.28m

Wednesday January 25
BBL: Hurricanes v Heat 0.15m
Home and Away 0.47m
BBL: Stars v Thunder 0.32m

Australian Open day 10 0.19m
Australian Open night 10 0.54m
Australian Open night 10 session 2 0.39m

The Bachelor Australia 0.28m
Fire Country 0.11m

Thursday January 26
Home and Away 0.46m
Women’s Twenty20: Australia v Pakistan game 2 0.31m

Australian Open day 11 0.12m
Australian Open night 11 0.41m
Australian Open night 11 session 2 0.26m

Ambulance Australia Rpt 0.24m
Law & Order: SVU new 0.17m

Friday January 27
Australian Open day 12 0.25m
Australian Open night 12 0.51m
Australian Open night 12 session 2 0.43m

BBL finals: The Eliminator: Thunder v Heat 0.31m
Better Homes and Gardens Summer (7two) 0.12m

The Graham Norton Show new 0.27m

Saturday January 28
Australian Open women’s singles final 0.51m
Australian Open women’s singles final presentation 0.36m
Australian Open men’s doubles final 0.29m

BBL finals: The Qualifier: Scorchers v Sixers 0.31m

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28 January 2023
BBL: The Qualifier — 311k

Australian Open: Women’s Final— Rybakina vs Sabalenka — 507k
Australian Open: Women’s Final — Presentation — 306k
Australian Open: Mens Doubles Final — 250k


Saturday 28 January:

Australian Open: Women’s Final: 525k
Australian Open - Presentation: 350k
Australian Open - Mens Doubles Final: 200k

Big Bash: 300k

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Sunday January 29
Australian Open women’s doubles final 0.26m
Australian Open men’s singles final 1.12m
Australian Open men’s singles final presentation 0.63m

Women’s Twenty 20: Australia v Pakistan game 3 0.12m
BBL finals: The Knockout: Renegades v Heat 0.29m

The Bachelor Australia finale 0.31m

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29 January
BBL - Renegades v Heat — 304k

Australian Open Mens Final — 976k
Australian Open Men’s Final — Presentation — 534k

The Bachelors Finale — 354k

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Sunday 29 January:
Tennis - Men’s Final: 1.0m
Tennis - Presentation: 800k

Cricket BBL: 300k

The Bachelor Final: 295k


For tonight I’ll predict:

MAFS - 800k
Idol - 700k
Australian Survivor - 350k

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30 January 2023
Married at First Sight - 794k
A Current Affair (Allison Langdon’s first night) - 566k
Harry and Meghan: The Great Divide - 295k

Australian Idol - 710k (simulcast on 7Two, 7Mate, 7Flix)

Australian Survivor - 404k

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Idol 850k
MAFS 700k
Survivor 400k

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Monday January 30
A Current Affair (Allison Langdon’s first night) 0.63m
Married at First Sight season premiere 0.79m
Harry and Meghan: The Great Divide premiere 0.35m

Australian Idol series return (season premiere) 0.65m
Below Deck Down Under Rpt 0.21m / 0.17m

Australian Survivor season premiere 0.48m
FBI: Most Wanted new 0.18m

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Monday 30 January:

Married at First Sight: 780k
Australian Idol: 450k
Survivor: 315k

A Current Affair: 550k

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