2023 Aussie TV Predictions

Here are some of my Australian TV predictions for 2023:

  • The ABC takes over as the FTA test cricket broadcaster from Seven, with Seven retaining the rights to the BBL.
  • Nine signs a multi-year output deal with 20th Century Studios, judging by the recent appearance of 20th Century Studios titles such as 24, MAS*H and Homeland popping up on 9Now
  • FOX8 and/or FOX Showcase become free-to-air channels
  • The return of Neighbours results in Amazon Freevee launching in Australia
  • 10 Shake comes to Northern NSW on Channel 56
  • Stan launches a new ad-supported free or reduced-price tier
  • ABC Kids and ABC ME are merged into one channel, with ABCTV Plus becoming a 24-7 channel
  • Sunday-Friday 10 News First is cut to one hour with The Project moved to 6pm and either Neighbours or a new local game show at 7pm
  • SBS On Demand introduces a swathe of FAST channels

What are your TV predictions for 2023?


Why do people keep suggesting this when ABC Kids provides that channel with it’s highest audiences of any digital service and ABC Me has good ratings with older viewers when it’s up against it?


More like your far fetched ideas with little-to-no likelihood on ever happening.


Bro is on crack fr


It exists. It’s called 9Now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • The ABC didn’t bid for Cricket
  • Disney is most likely going to move the 20th shows to Disney+
  • Not happening as they do not have a license
  • Maybe, but not likely
  • It could happen, however there will probably be a reshuffle
  • Likely to happen
  • It might happen, but not so sure
  • It could be extended, but most likely will remain how it is
  • Doubt SBS will launch FAST channels

Well mate, if those things happen. I got beachside property within Canberra that I would like to rent out to you, aka they will never happen.

For more realistic predictions for 2023:

  1. Channel 9 will air a Broncos game on a Friday Night.
  2. FTA Stations will broadcast the King’s Coronation.
  3. Someone will win $1000 on Hot Seat.
  4. Channel 7 will continue to air Lifetime movies at midday.

There’s no way Win would launch 10Shake in Northern NSW. It would be nice if they did this. I would like to see 9gem HD and 9Rush launch in regional areas. I also wouldn’t be surprised if SCA merges with Seven prior to the end of there affiliation agreement.

SCA can’t merge with Seven - other than in Tasmania, if that’s what you meant. They already own the former Prime network now.

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  • Majority of multichannels available in MPEG4 and/or HD
  • No changes to existing multichannels otherwise and no new channels (not counting Bravo which has already been announced)
  • Consolidated look for all Nine News + affiliate bulletins

In regards to 10:

  • Major changes to 10 News department end of next year, especially cuts.
  • 10 Adelaide bulletin will underperform
  • Network will look into producing timezone based bulletins under a “national” brand (combined Syd/Melb, QLD in Winter months), trimmed to an hour. Adelaide shown on delay. Perth still dedicated via Sydney
  • The Project axed

10 Breakfast:

  • Studio 10 axed
  • 10 may attempt a new “low cost” breakfast show (perhaps a show broadcast on radio too like The AM Show NZ used to be. They could perhaps even partner with a breakfast show in each state and simulcast these as “local” shows)

If you haven’t guessed, I think 10 will go through a lot of changes or announcements by the end of next year - looking at cutting costs in many ways now that they’ve missed out on key sports


My predictions:


  • Seven and Foxtel retain the rights to cricket
  • 20th Century Studios shows are moved to Disney+/9Go/9Now, except for life-of-series shows like Family Guy and American Dad
  • New 7NEWS Regional bulletins are announced
  • ishoptv either moves to metro markets or is closed down
  • 7TWO HD launches in metro + regional, and 7TWO SD is closed
  • SCA7 is sold to Seven
  • 7Bravo is launched (obviously)


  • News refresh happens
  • WIN News and NBN News also get the refresh
  • Nine News Tasmania is launched in April
  • 9GemSD is closed down like 7mate, 10 BOLD, SBS Viceland etc.
  • 9Go! is moved to HD
  • 9Life and 9Rush become exclusively in MPEG-4
  • WIN is sold to Nine, with news remaining under the “WIN News” name and all channels excl. 9Rush launched


  • Ten loses the cricket bid
  • Axings similar to the 2014/2020 axings
  • Adelaide news fails, and national bulletins are put in place (Perth still gets its own)
  • 10 Peach changed to HD


  • SBS Food and NITV are moved to MPEG-4
  • One of them are put in HD (most likely SBS Food)


  • ABC Kids, ABC Me and ABC News are put into MPEG-4
  • One of them is made HD

I feel like by the end of next year all multis will be MPEG-4, with all channels MPEG-4 by 2025.


Just a few from me

(1) ABC launches a Channel dedicated to telecasting Parliamentary proceedings, running as a simulcast of either ABC News or Radio National (webcam) on non-sitting weeks.
(2) Sky News to be discontinued as an FTA Channel in regional areas
(3) Racing.com to be exclusively Victorian/Hong Kong racing with selected Harness and Greyhound meetings on Saturday Nights
(4) With the failure to gain Cricket rights, Paramount to withdraw from the Australian streaming market with A-League (Men’s and Women’s) to go onto 10Play for the remainder of the contract
(5) Either the NRL or the AFL start making plans to produce matches in house rather than having 7 or Fox produce starting on the next telecast deal
(6) a commercial news service in the capital cities to be reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes to allow for a SERIOUS (as opposed to half baked like The Project is) news panel discussion show to dissect the main stories of the day
(7) FOX Footy to find a SE Qld and Adelaide based Play-By-Play caller and boundary reporters (not necessarily male) in order to have matches in those areas called by locally based callers rather than having Melbourne based callers call off tube (they have a Sydney and Perth based caller, expect more Brenton Speed doing Sydney/GWS games)
(8) expect a discussion about informercials during programs to come about, but nothing comes of this until after the next Federal Election
(9) A Current Affair to have one day per week (possibly Friday) break into state based shows (6 states including Tasmania, ACT blend into NSW, NT blend into Qld) as opposed to a national show, to give the impression of not being Sydney centric with their national news services.
(10) a return of cross promotion between SCA and 10 regionals to have video versions of podcasts and musical shows being shown on weekends, not necessarily on the primary channel.


My predictions for 2023:
NBN News and WIN News are rebranded as 9 News, with NBN News now airing weekdays at 5:30 PM, and is split into 5 different bulletins, with the Newcastle being the only live one. The Gold Coast edition is axed due to 9’s Gold Coast bulletin also airing at 5:30. No anchors will lose their job.
The National Nine News brand is relaunched, and 9 News Late becomes Nightline, and starts to air every weeknight, and the Sunday edition is axed.
Deborah Knight leaves the network, and the Saturday edition of A Current Affair is axed. Allison Langdon will now also present on Fridays.
Nightly News 7 Spencer Gulf and Nightly News 7 Tasmania are rebranded to 7 News, ending regional branding in Australia forever.
7 launches a 5:30 PM bulletin in Newcastle and the Hunter with Paul Lobb as host.
The regional Queensland bulletins are moved to 5:30 PM.
There will be a special tribute show for the Martin Place studio before the final 7 News Sydney bulletin from there presented from when it is retired by 7.
Susannah Carr retires, Rick Ardon will continue to present solo until his retirement.
Channel 10 axes The Sunday Project and launches a reboot of Sunday Night with Chris Bath being the host.
Mike Larkin returns as weather presenter for the Melbourne’s News.
Local Production for News returns to Queensland with Jonathan Uptin as presenter for news and sport, with weather still presented from Sydney. (Alison Ariotti returns as weekend anchor at 9 News).
10 News First becomes just 10 News.
Juanita Phillips retires, with Jeremy Fernandez to take over Sunday to Thursday, and the ABC’s Matt Doran becomes the weekend anchor on ABC News New South Wales.
ABC TV Plus and ABC Me convert to 24/7 broadcasting.
Leah Sales leaves the ABC.
Rage becomes its own channel.
Fresh Blood returns, but on ABC Me rather then ABC TV Plus (it was still ABC Comedy when Fresh Blood started). ABC Me will start airing adult programing during the hours it would stop broadcasting during the night.
Melissa Doyle becomes an anchor for SBS World News.


A lot of this is just fantasy predictions which barring any significant shock in the media industry will never happen. Not sure why any of these theories are being cooked up when there’s no credible evidence that most of them will or could happen.

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Your point is…many elements of this site rely on creativity. Let other users have their fun.

Sure but it should also have a sense of realism about it I think.



  • ABC News channel to move to HD alongside ABC Plus and ABC Me
  • Rage to launch on radio as an independent channel
  • More funding from the government
  • ABC Me to go 24/7 with Rage from 12am-6am
  • Jeremy Fernandez to take over as ABC NSW anchor
  • ABC Australia expands and becomes ABC International covering Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa not just the APAC region
  • Public Affairs channel launched


  • Mel Doyle joins the network
  • NITV and SBS World News moves to MPEG-4 HD
  • SBS to expand its sports offerings
  • Winter sports to air on SBS and SBS Viceland


  • Susannah Carr retires with Samantha Jolly replacing her as co-anchor
  • 7 and Fox retains the cricket rights
  • 7 won’t finish the year as Australia’s no.1 network
  • Kochie retires in 2024 with successor announced during the year
  • Seven to move from Martin Place to its new studios in May
  • Sky News UK, CNBC, MSNBC and NBC News Now will appear on 7+ as FAST channels
  • 7 and NBC News will share resources with their NBCU deal expanding to News services
  • As part of their news refresh, new graphics will be launched as well as a revival of the “Seven Nightly News” brand
  • No new public affairs show to be launched


  • Nine Entertainment co becomes Australia’s Olympic Network winning the rights from 2024-2032
  • National Nine News and Nightline to be revived
  • Nightline anchored from its Perth studios
  • Nine wins Swimming Australia content
  • Nine wins the overall ratings year


  • 10 loses Melbourne Cup rights to 7
  • Paramount+ ceases A-Leagues coverage with Optus Sport picking up the rights to A-League and various AFC events and the Asian Cup
  • The Project axed and replaced with a game show (WoF, TPIR, $25,000 Pyramid, The Final Straw or Blankety Blanks)
  • 10 News returns to Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide with the Action News brand used
  • Studio 10 axed and replaced by Good Morning Australia

My predictions:


  • ABC airs Childrens Programs on main Channel during afternoons, Monday to Friday
  • Education programs moved back to the main channel, following News Breakfast at 9:30am, Monday to Friday
  • A series of new ABC Promo clips are introduced and looks very similar to the ones used during 1996 and 1997.


  • Seven revives a cartoon morning show on 7Two running between 6:30am-8:30am (Similar to that of Agro’s Cartoon connection)
  • Susannah Carr Retires with Rick Ardon solo for further 5 years
  • Tim McMillan solo weekend presenter with Angela Tsun taking on Weekend weather presenter
  • New Fat Cat Goodnight promo clip in 2024 on Seven Perth


  • 9Now won’t require signing in to access app
  • Nine and Fox also wins TV Rights for every Australian White Ball International Cricket match (Both in Australia and Abroad)
  • Nightline revived.


  • Ten revives Presenter-free Weekend Music Video Program.
  • Ten renews NBL TV Rights and lands V8 Supercars TV Rights
  • The Project moved to 6:00pm-7:00pm , Sunday to Friday
  • Meet the Press revived
  • Local WA, SA and QLD Bulletins return


  • SBS lands Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race TV Rights

Don’t they do this because of the geolocation?

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10 announces “new and exciting” projects that fail and get axed before the end of the year.