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Saturday 31 October

The 2017 election coverage names where either “Queensland Votes” or “Queensland Decides”. Hoping for a bit more imagination this election.

Highlights to look out for -Antony Green’s computer failure and Nine’s way of dispatching losing candidates in 2017 it was a drop kick.


Coverage to date has been very sparse. While media conferences have been held every day by the major parties, they have been dominated by questions about COVID 19 and in particular the border closer; I’ve listened in on many of them - only to see no coverage on policy announcements make it into the major bulletins.

News directors seem to think that after covering local politicians, followed by interstate and then national leaders all talking COVID, that’s enough politics for one bulletin.

One item did make tonight’s news - an LNP politician breaching the current restriction on outdoor gatherings - over the 10 person limit on an image posted to social media.

Also worth mentioning that the election is the Saturday following the AFL Grand Final :wink: The Premiere will be hoping that there are no major outbreaks before then and the final goes ahead as planned.


Nine had a Rugby ball kicking losing incumbents out

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I know they were only updates in 2017. But with recent cutbacks in mind, will there be any 2020 Queensland State Election coverage at all for 10 News First outside the standard 5pm bulletin?


Considering Nine Darwin basically had a full broadcast, I can’t see why 10 News First can’t have one in Queensland.

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10 will have to have reporters present to record various aspects of the coverage, whether it is worth using any for some live updates is hard to tell at this stage. So few people watch 10 on Saturday nights anyway.

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Then you will be sorely disappointed. ABC has used “[state/territory] Votes” since at least 2010 and Nine has used “[state/territory] Decides” for the last few cycles including this year in the NT (which was produced by the QLD newsroom). Unlikely to change out of consistent name branding and viewer recognition.

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More good news on the COVID front for Queenslanders :slight_smile:

Queensland’s border ban will effectively stop the Prime Minister, Labor leader Anthony Albanese and any other frontbenchers from entering the state for the duration of the election unless they are prepared to spend a fortnight in quarantine.

Pauline Hanson will be a “star panellist” on the Sky News coverage, The Australian is reporting.

ABC News Channel

6:00pm ABC News: QLD Votes
A special edition of ABC News as Queensland Votes. In the final hour before polls close in the
state election, we bring you the day’s top stories and cross to reporters on location for the
latest updates.

6:30pm QLD Votes: Election Night Live
Follow the trends and swings with fast, accurate results as Queensland Votes. Will Annastacia
Palaszczuk’s Labor government be re-elected for a third term or will Deb Frecklington lead the
Liberal Nationals back into power?

9:00pm QLD Votes: Election Results Live
Know the story and follow the trends and swings with fast, accurate results and analysis as
Queensland Votes. Matt Wordsworth and Antony Green bring you the most trusted coverage, speaking
with candidates and reporters.

11:00pm ABC Nightly News
Live across Australia, the latest from ABC News, following today’s top stories and live coverage of
events as they unfold. Plus comprehensive analysis, context and original investigations from ABC
reporters around the world.

Times are AEDT

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