2020 Metropolitan Survey Dates

Survey 1 - 10 March
Survey 2 - 16 April
Survey 3 - 2 June
Survey 4 - 7 July
Survey 5 - 25 August
Survey 6 - 29 September
Survey 7 - 10 November
Survey 8 - 15 December

All surveys are released on Tuesdays except Survey 2 which is on Thursday

Regionals are in their corresponding thread.

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Surveys 3 - 5 have been put ‘on hold’ due to the Coronavirus restrictions preventing the regular surveying process from taking place:

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You heard it here first :wink:


What’s the logic in that?

Can’t they post survey books out, have them posted back in (with reply paid envelope) and have results calculated in a social distancing office?

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This makes sense, with businesses shutdown and even less advertising revenue, at least they don’t have to throw money at attracting / keeping their existing listeners. Perfect opportunity for the fm stations to keep improving their products.

Will all networks keep their talent on over the traditional survey breaks?

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Nova and SCA are keeping on air talent on over Easter

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isn’t it mostly all done online these days?

I don’t understand why they’d shut down for 3 surveys. TV ratings are still going and it’s showing more people engaging with traditional media while in lockdown. I thought radio ratings might show similar results.


From Radioinfo:

CRA and GfK add an online survey for the Cap Cities

GfK will move to an online survey for the five major capital city markets while the official radio ratings are on hold due to COVID-19.

CRA commissioned the survey, to be released in June, that will capture industry-level consumer listening data via an online e-diary, and will provide information on how many people listened to radio and key metrics on time, place of listening and demographics.

Read more here.


You’d think they would do it all online and / or an app. Especially for out of home listening an app or website would be easier for most people.

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I’m surprised there isn’t an app that operates in the background with the functionality of Shazam so the accuracy of the ratings would overcome the limitations of a diary system.

That would ruin the illusion of who’s actually listening

Today would’ve been the release of Survey 3 if not for COVID-19.

Here’s Radioinfo’s take on what could’ve been: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/930-and-results-survey-3-should-have-been

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