20 to One

From TV Tonight: http://tvtonight.com.au/2016/02/nine-reboots-20-to-1.html

Nine is rebooting clip show 20 to 1 -but without Bert Newton- amongst several new local titles coming this year.

20 T0 1
Nine’s popular comedy countdown is back with a fresh look and new hosts. We’ve scoured the archives to bring you the most outrageous clips on TV in a reboot of one of our most-loved programs. Big-name Australian and international guests will take a trip down memory lane as they recall some of the major moments and most unforgettable characters of our times.

I wonder how they will approach the reboot. This is my first topic :slight_smile:


I quite liked 20 to 1 so it should be interesting to see how this reboot goes :slight_smile:


Would be interesting to see a version of a show like this with two presenters and a live panel talking about these moments + a studio audience. Would shake up the format.

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Good to see the format back.

Yes, it’s been far too long since we’ve had snippets of archival vision followed by half a dozen network “personalities” imitating said snippet on prime time television.

Daryll Kerrigan: "this is going straight to the pool room!"
Jules Lund: "this is goin straight to the pool room LOL"
Pauline Hanson for some reason: “this is going straight to the pool room!”
(Repeats twenty times)


With this year being the 60th Anniversary of Australian TV, is it really a surprise that Nine have rebooted 20 to 1? Knowing Nine, it will probably be just one of several nostalgia-type programs (I think they’re also planning to run “The Amazing 2000’s” sometime this year, but I’d have to check on that) and specials featuring archival footage to air on the network in the lead-up to the big date on September 16.

Presenter wise, it will be interesting to see who Nine choose. Just as long as it’s not Karl Stefanovic or Eddie McGuire, I’ll be satisfied.

Finally, I think this goes without saying but I think that there could be some absolutely brilliant Gogglebox reviews to come out of a 20 to 1 revivial! :smiley:

“The Amazing Noughties” begins this Sunday on Nine, at 9.25pm.

I am glad that 20-to-1 is coming back too. Even if it airs as a filler throughout the year. Just hope that Eddie Maguire doesn’t host it.


Haha so true - the show got very tired towards the end of its original run from what I can remember. This doesn’t make it sound any more appealing:

Big-name Australian and international guests will take a trip down memory lane

###20 TO 1 RETURNS

20 to 1, the comedy countdown show that ruled the ratings for ten series, will return to the Nine Network later this year with new hosts, Nova radio duo Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli.

The new-look 20 to 1 will be full of surprises, and include everything you love about the wild world of pop culture, sport, music, TV, movies and current affairs.

Fitzy said “I am so excited to be hosting the show, I have so many emotions about it, 20 in fact and we will be counting them down in the first episode. Episode two we will be counting down the 20 guests that Wippa had at his 21st birthday.” Fitzy and Wippa are the breakfast team on Nova 96.9 in Sydney who are also heard week nights from 6.00pm on the Nova Network across the nation.

“Every New Year’s Eve for the past decade I’ve been counting down from 10 and it’s never felt like enough. Finally a proper countdown and you can still try and kiss the person next to you when we get to number 1. Fitzy has soft lips” Wippa said, laughing.

Each week they will take aim at everything from celebrity bad behaviour to epic fails and outrageous sport stars, each episode featuring several guests giving their candid, witty and revealing insights on the theme of each episode.

With their great chemistry, Fitzy and Wippa, along their special celebrity guests, will reinvigorate 20 to 1 when it is revamped for Channel Nine in 2016.

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Why does Nine love radio personalities so much? First Dave Hughes hosted Australia’s Got Talent, yesterday it was revealed his colleague Kate Langbroek will co-host Unreal Estate, and now Fitzy and Wippa will take over 20 to 1.

It seems like they just assume “comedic” people will set the ratings on fire. I can’t stand either of them to be honest. It’s all such a fake persona with Ryan.

Another Nine revival, no fresh ideas? Anyone?

Something else for people not to watch.

To be fair “Hughesy and Kate” haven’t been with Nova for years. They on KIIS now.


Oops I forgot about that. I should have said radio personalities. Maybe Nine is trying to cover the possible loss of Hamish and Andy?

Oh yuck. Instant switch off.

When’s the announcement of Alan Jones hosting a reboot of This Is Your Life happening? :stuck_out_tongue:


Fitzy & Wippa…the most hyperactive duo on Sydney FM breakfast radio as hosts of Nine’s 2016 revival of 20 to 1? No thanks!


Cheap and nasty, destined for 500k

This should be a filler show, not something that should be promoted in yearly line-ups. Z grade celebs will be used as usual.


Fitzy and Wippa are great radio presenters and interact well with listeners who call in and can banter and improvise well.

Fitzy also does well on The Project which uses those sorts of skills well. However as previous efforts have shown they struggle with straight presenting on television and pre-scripted stuff.

Haven’t they already been confirmed as having signed with Seven?