10 Peach Comedy - Programs and Schedules

Carries on from the Eleven thread.

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10:30pm, wow that hurts. I wonder if they’ve got new content planned for soonee rather than later as predicted with the new brands?

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After a question about Vaginal Eggs on Have You Been Paying Attention? Tom acted like they had some video about them but then joked that you can catch it later on Peach. :joy:


R rated comment thanks Mr Bar.

You’re welcome. R rated name for the channel.

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Promo tonight announcing that Entertainment Tonight will screen weeknights at 6pm on 10 Peach from Monday.

What does this mean for the afternoon screening on 10 or repeat next morning?


Not a bad idea really, something different at 6pm and could suit the Neighbours audience more than repeats of old shows.


I’d say this about guarantees the “ET Live” 24/7 entertainment news streaming channel will be a component of Ten All Access when it launches.


I still think its like Judge Judy on 10 Boss, with newer eps on the main channel.

At least they can show the episodes in full on Peachy because for the past year they have been mistreated on 10. They are heavily cut because the reality show repeats run way over time.

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10 has acquired web series Dee-Brief, produced by indie filmmakers Jessica Pearce and Sarah Hickey. It will debut on 10 Peach and 10 Play on December 7.

Absolutely Pointless in most (if not all) WIN markets… Good on em though, ET and Neighbours isn’t a bad combo.

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Peach getting festive



According to the latest issue of TV Week, new episodes of Neighbours aren’t taking a break over Christmas.

Neighbours ads have been saying this for a little while. With that said, was surprised to see it airing Christmas Day.

Has been discussed a bit over in the Neighbours thread including this promo for Christmas Day

It was announced earlier in the year that Neighbours will run all year round now.

Well over a year ago now.

Turns out Tim Dormer is the new voiceover guy for 10 Peach.


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