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That’s a really good looking news set.


Aussie stations look and learn pls :stuck_out_tongue:


Ello ello… Carolyn Robinson! Waaay better than Toni… lets have more of this. Would be even better if TVNZ utilised her more as a backup newsreader too. That would be great.


And she’s back! Nice to see one of the best back presenting again. Robinson is much better utilised at TVNZ


Wonder if she might be Hilary’s back up on Breakfast…alternatively, I always felt they cut Sarurday Breakfast too soon. She’d be great paired with someone on there.


Here’s a few more caps of tonight for what it’s worth:


So weird talking about Carolyn being a possible back up for Hilary, on BREAKFAST for TVNZ. Who’d have thought that was a possibility a year ago :sweat_smile:


Fair Go reporter Brodie Kane is leaving to become the first ever sports presenter on Breakfast, which relaunches with an all new team on September 19.


She will be the second sports presenter breakfast has had. Sports reporter Stephen Stuart had previously presented sport around 2006 or 2007???


I really hope with the addition of a sports presenter again doesnt make the program fluffier and amatuer… I have a feeling the formats going to change and be less serious than it has been for years. The news already goes on for far too long.

Maybe. .00 News 5mins, sport news just “in brief” the .30 News just needs to be a quick summary, then have a bit more sports after .30 news each hour.

Quit with the “oh look we found a funny low quality video on social media” segments. Theyre of no importance at that time of the morning. Sure it may get people in a happy mood but theyll have forgotten about it half hour later. I just dont see the need.

They need to stick to serious guests again about serious news events. I havent watched Breakfast in a while but it just comes across as a waste of air time at the moment, seems to all be a lot of banter and no real current affairs. Need some quality watchable substance.


Melissa Stokes is presenting this weekend.


Carolyn Robinson has taken role of 20/20 when it returns to TV2, along with her Seven Sharp reporting duties. Congrats.


TV1 :wink:


I knew that :sweat_smile:


Is any one else amused that former 3 News anchors Carolyn and Alistair Wilkinson both now host former TV3 Current Affairs programmes on two different networks?


Alistair Wilkinson is a freelancer and runs his own company called The Media Room

Ex TVNZ staff who Joined TV3

  • Kim Vinnell

  • Heather du Plessis-Allan

  • Dianna Vezich


12.09.16 Tim Wilson and Nadine Chalmers-Ross hosting Breakfast


Never been much of a fan of Tim Wilson. Seems a good guy and all but comes across as too immature and unprofessional.


Finally the new family photo… plus 3d elements in the One News rings… wonder if theyll incorporate that effect to Midday, 6pm and Tonight.

Images courtesy of facebook.


They all start Monday don’t they?? I haven’t seen a single promo or anything on a TVNZ channel yet. TVNZ have always treated Breakfast quite poorly in regards to promoting the show on their own channels and obviously this tradition will continue despite an almost entirely new presenting lineup.