YouTube Red

YouTube Red has launched in Australia today. Anyone who currently subscribes to Google Play Music gets automatic access for free.

Here’s the official message I got via email.

More perks, lower price
Google Play Music
We have some great news. Starting today, we’ll be lowering your monthly subscription price from $11.99 to $9.99. You will see this new price reflected in your next Google Play receipt.
There’s more. As part of your subscription to Google Play Music, you now also get access to our brand new offering, YouTube Red. There is no action required from you — it will work the next time you log in to YouTube. With YouTube Red, you get:
Ad-free & offline video
Enjoy YouTube without ads and save videos on your mobile device to watch offline
Background play
Keep videos playing while using other apps or with your screen off
Original shows
Watch YouTube creators take it to the next level in new movies and series
Thanks for being a Google Play Music subscriber. We hope you enjoy the new benefits of your subscription.

I didn’t revive an email but here’s what I got from

’Premium’ version of YouTube arrives in NZ

A premium version of YouTube launches in New Zealand today, offering a kind of mash up of Spotify and Netflix.

“YouTube Red” is available from 9am Wednesday for $12.99 a month, with a one month free trial and an introductory price of $10.

As well as an ad-free YouTube experience, the subscription offers a streaming music service called “YouTube Music,” with millions of songs available to stream for one flat fee.

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YouTube Red sounds awfully close to another entirely different video streaming site…


And, according to Business Insider, it’s already run into problems.

That was my first thought too, I wasn’t sure whether I could click on this thread!

FYI: I only know of the site after having clients we have to tell to stop accessing it when they keep getting viruses on their computers!

Is that experience talking @OnAir or your journalism skills :slight_smile:


Little from column A, little from column B…


I may as well revive this thread, and for good reason. Cobra Kai, a sequel to the original Karate Kid series recently debuted on YouTube Red, and has met with widespread positive acclaim.
This is one of those rare examples of a better, more engaging sequel.
As a fan of the original Karate Kid, this series really kicked arse, and I highly recommend everyone to watch it. Also a lot of original 80’s style montages and music.

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YouTube Premium (formerly Red) now has over 1 million subscribers in Australia. Some of that would be users who signed up for Google Play Music which is what I did prior to YouTube Red starting. Still an impressive stat though. Amazon Prime has 273,000 subscribers.


I got it for the ad-free YouTube, but I’ve started making a lot of use of Google Play Music - why pay just for Spotify when you get ad-free YouTube as well?

Never touched any of the original content though. That could all disappear and I wouldn’t notice.


I’m not sure if you’ll like it, but Cobra Kai (Karate Kid Reboot) has been a huge success. It’s very well written and directed.

Though I found Spotify MUCH better for browsing for something new or unknown to me.

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